About Me

Born and Raised in Los Angeles where I grew up to have a love for the story telling, going deep into my imagination allowing me to push through life’s hardships at times. Life for me has been a combination of Love, Hardship and Beauty. The Love of a Mother ,Father and Sister growing up and then the Love of my wife and Daughter.

I have lived a life of torment at times, that has allowed my work and writings to represent real examples of my characters that I have created. I love raw examples of Heroism and struggle to hopefully getting the characters where they need to be, but sometimes they don’t.

Life is never perfect, we can only live each day one by one in attempt to continue to figure things out until our last breath. As a writer I believe struggle is important at times and writers know that struggle is real trying to great recognized, not always for fame and fortune although its nice to have, it’s really about getting great stories out, putting that craziness in our minds on paper and sharing it.

I found most solace walking and just thinking, thinking about life, my family, characters, plots and new worlds.

I am open to all genres of writing but I love deepening into the unknown, even the strange and bizarre at times. I am a believer in the paranormal and dare I say those things that many would consider crazy like the existence of Bigfoot and UFO’s and other unknown is so important to explore. I am a believer in research and not following blindly.

As a writer I am a book lover, that allows me to as a writer to not only read a great story, but examine the writers technique and style.

My family is my biggest support and even though I probably drive them crazy with my diligence, I find that this will help my young daughter and my wife to never give up, try new things and not to limit your mind.

I hope that my writings in my future books and blogs bring you joy and interest and please let me know what you think.

You’re all welcome to join me.