1. Let me Introduce my YouTube Vlog

2. Is it Ok to hate yourself?

3. Family, Life and the Pursuit of Happiness

4. Happy Mother’s Day 2022

5. Sunday Thoughts Part I

6. Sunday Thoughts Part II

7. Happy Memorial Day Amerika

8. Accomplishments, Milestones and Failures

9. Father’s Day and the Importance of Fatherhood

10. Happy Independance Day!

11. Raging about Stranger Things in Strange Times

12. The eccentricities of Crime why we should all just shut up!

13. Life, Death and the Pursuit of Happyness

14. Down with the sickness and hearing voices

15. What Lurks among us life after death

16. I’m Only Happy When it Rains!

17. Cut My Life Into Pieces Who Gives a F*ck

18. The Importance of Being Thankful – Happy Thanksgiving

19. Have the Happy Hap Happiest Christmas and Holiday Season

20. The spirit of Christmas and The Reason for The Season!

21. Happy New Year 2023

22. New Year, New you! And the Same Ole same ole

23. The Depression of Life and Its Pursuits

24. God, I Need a Favor! Job loss and Mental Health

25. Lost in My Thoughts in These Times

26. I’m about to lost it but I am doing ok

27. Happy Resurrection Day – Easter Message

28. Second Chances and Reprieve for new Opportunities

The Importance and Love of Mother’s

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