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The Beginning of my Writing Journey but Not Really

I would like to think of myself as a writer, someone who has always been a writer and a lover of books. For my lifetime I have written but nothing published. Now will be my time to write and push myself to be the writer I want to be. The outlet of writing for me lets me be creative, create new worlds, new scenarios and allow me to create the narrative. My hopes is that my writing will be enjoyed by those who read it.

Starting a blog was one of first steps to doing that, but in the process I am writing my first novel which is currently untitled, but that’s ok, I believe we shouldn’t commit to a title until you are well and finished with your work, because it will change, manifest, grow and take a life of it’s own.

I hope to use this opportunity to share with you my Journey in Life as well, my struggles to finish my first book, but show you that their are many writers out there with the hopes of being discovered but just having the joy of someone reading your working and hopefully loving it. As the great writer Stephen King once wrote in his memoirs there will be people who will criticize your work and that is being part of a writers life. Not to set myself for failure but I know my writing may not be great at first and I am O.K. with that, i am growing when I write.

Writing is my outlet as a human being, because I know words matter, and in this day in age we need words to inspire not tear us down or apart. Some of favorite Authors that draw inspiration from is Don Winslow, Stephen King and J.R.R Tolkien and of course the classics like Jules Verne and Herman Melville and H.G. Wells.

My other love is film and some T.V. but I have come to see from what Stephen King has said Television ruins creativity so I try to limit my exposure, even though there is great writing in T.V. I have to be sure not to focus on that or I will end up not writing. I am a classic Action junkie when it comes to films. My book and future books will probably draw inspiration from those films, but I know I need to be creative and not rely on Hollywood to give me Ideas, I need to be the one giving them ideas, so everyone one day can enjoy my work.

I have heard writing can be a selfish art, which it can be because you must dedicate your time to it not matter what. I have a six year old and wife, so devotion to them is so important and by no means who I want to be a neglectful father and husband and lost my family to writing.

I look forward to those out there to read my blogs, respond and have a conversation, I am reachable. Thank you for going on this journey with me!

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