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Saying Goodbye To The Evil House

Today marks a chapter in my life with the selling of my fathers house in South Los Angeles, a house that my father has lived in most of his life over forty years and he is now 63 years old. This house was my grandparents house who raised my Father Moses, Sister Elizabeth, Rachel and my Grandparents Moses Senior and Isabelle. This house I have grown up and actually lived in here is its story.

For many will say a house is not evil, a house has no feelings and is not a person, but a house can house evil depending on who lived, this house was created in 1913, so there is a lot of history there some of which I never was able to find out. My grandparents bought the house in 1961 , so who knows who lived there before. My Grandfather was a WWII vet and meat butcher and my grandmother a cafeteria worker and Sunday school teacher. My father is a man who never like change very much, from knowing him all my life, he has been the same man all his life, I will leave it at that, because this is not about my father.

It Didn’t Start Out Evil

Growing up in that house, I was grew up there from birth, walking, crawling, running until recently up until a year ago I lived there with with my wife, daughter and my father, who we cared for but is fully able to care for himself. We moved in because we have a financial setback in 2014 raising our daughter and I was the one working to support us. I have no qualms about supporting my family but I needed help , but the house was a mess before we moved in.

The Living Room and Dining Room

My father who has never really cared about anything, let the house deteriorate, never cleaning and living alone the house was in horrible condition, anyone who looked at images of before moving in would probably rather live on the street then deal with that kind of situation, but myself and wife cleaned it up, turned it back into a home the best way we could making it livable, sprucing it up the best way we can, bringing a women’s touch . Unfortunately the house is old and was never remodeled in the years I have grown up there.

Having grew up in that home, money was an issue with my family when it came to upkeep, as my grandfather and father never remodeled the home which to this day stands to be remodeled with the same original floors, cabinets kitchen , bathroom and bedrooms. One would ask or say well I would certainty have remodeled I don’t care, I would go to to Home Depot and get it done. To a certain extent that is what we did, slapped on some fresh paint, remodel sightly the bathroom, replaced some the kitchen sink and counter and unable to do anything more with the rest.

My family was there until June 23, 2018 until we were able to save enough money to leave, because the house was affecting our marriage, our emotions and our mental stability. My father of course stayed as we move to our current apartment in Rancho Cucamonga.

The Early Years

The early years of growing up, my parents were divorced my sister and I would spend every other weekend with my father which would always be at the evil house. For the most part it was pretty normal, mostly watching Television, eating, playing video games and time with the Grandparents. My grandparents were loving people, who loved and adored us until the day they died, spoiling us the best way they could. During the ages of Birth until eighteen, it was the same unremarkable house, nothing evil seemed to dwell there.

The Buildup Of Evil

Around nineteen, living in another Evil house for a complete different reason I move from living with my Mother, sister and grandfather to the Evil House. At first it was great, freedom at last, could really do whatever I wanted, but not completely, at that time my father was caring for my grandfather who was in the late stages of Alzheimer which caused the house to be in chaos at times, my grandfather would wake up in the middle of night, walk around, open doors, cabinets and even sometimes walk outside, which would require my father to bring him back to bed and attempt to put him to sleep, this happened every night until he passed. We would need to feed him, clothe him, change out his catheter which my father did, which he would let out painful screams when this happened. He would also go into my room find things, take them and give them away to people.

This until on for years from until his death in 2003, so it is my feel from that alone that started to enhance the pain and emotions to amplify throughout the house. My grandfather was a larger then life presence fighting in WWII, he was an immigrant from Mexico and the toughest men I have ever met, but physically and mentally, he went out kicking until the last breath. After this death it was just myself and my father whom I cared for. It was now quiet, peaceful giving me more freedom.

The Change Began

I live a life of solace, going to college, working, living the single life, but slowly but surely, I felt a change in myself, my personality , I felt a covering over my eyes of a sorts and started to slip in a deep depression , as the thoughts in my mind were constantly running, paired with Anxiety always worrying, which in then affected my work life as I started to make choices that affected me until this day, that was back in 2005-2007, at that point, I hit the lowest point of depression in my life, taking medication and eventually I was hospitalized. The house was trying to kill me almost succeeded, one afternoon on February 2007 which I choose not to remember.

After the point, we went back to living in the other hell house, with my Mother and Grandfather, who my Grandfather was very emotionally and verbally abusive to me most of childhood and even until my adult life until I got married. Living in this hell house, I was used to certain reasons moving out when I go married in 2010.

From 2010-2014 life was great, newly married, baby was born in 2013 and Life was looking up, until I made some poor choices that caused use to move back to the Evil house in 2014, again putting myself and family in harms way. Going back to the beginning of the post we attempted to make it best we could, livable which we did for most part, but it began to get hard.

There were two factors that caused it be hard, one was I HATED living in the evil house, but didn’t have the financial resources to move out, as we have just move out of our beautiful apartment in Rancho Cucamonga, That’s right we move back to this fine city again, because of my love and good memories. The other part I hated was the city, Los Angeles, but worse South Los Angeles, a place I don’t recommend any one to live, although alot of people live here because its somewhat cheaper to live, but not as safe. If you have ever watch movies like Boys in the Hood, as an example, giving you an idea of what the neighborhoods look and feel like.

Due to age of the house, it was termite infested , some rodents which we killed and a major pest problem, flies, spiders, roaches , bugs, ants, which we did everything in our power to kill, but unfortunately those things forever traumatized my daughter til this day she can not even look at a picture of an inspect. But growing up in this house, that is exactly how my father lived, which did not care, but we care enough to care the house and show it some love.

Living there we experienced real hardship, because my father was going through a deep depression and had to be hospitalized multiple times and required watching, being feed all at the same time I felt my depression and even anger coming into my heart. For those years I was very angry much of the time, although I never physically took it out on my father, I was just a different person, the old Joseph disappeared which has this sweet deposition, soft smile and gentle heart and touch, disappeared. I has Angry as soon as I walked in much of the time, I snapped at my Wife and Daughter regularly as a result.

The House Was Alive

My family and I started to feel different over time, My wife grew Angry as well and developed sickness over the four years she was there, She had Bad Pains all the time, headaches, Nausea , ear infections, Anger, to name a few. I developed anger I didn’t have before, some depression and thoughts, deep anxiety and feeling completely hopeless much of the time. My daughter luckily didn’t seem affected thank goodness. During this time in 2015 was when my mother passed way at 56 which compounded the depression, sadness and anger along with the financial struggles as I tried to hang on to be a good provider.

Evil Making It’s Presence Known

Throughout the years,weird occurrences would happen, as we slept we would hear sounds, such as three knocks, footsteps in the kitchen and multiple times violent bangs on our bedroom door as we slept as if something was telling us to leaving. For a short time my sister moved in as in transition and she too heard knocking in three.

One point taking a shower in the early morning I heard Knocking on the door and faint voice sounding like my wife, but she was sound asleep still. We would hear whispers in the night and early morning, and Dark Figures my wife States stood over her and she felt a pressure holding her down unable to scream. There was even a time on Christmas morning we were taking Live Pictures and we could hear a baby crying in the background of the picture, but there was no TV on and no sounds from outside.

For many of you, this may sound quite bizarre and unbelievable, for those who do believe and have experience similar experiences, you know what you felt. I believe my senses are heightened to those unseen things around us, I don’t see dead people, but I know there is a spiritual world that exist, this house was Evil, since being sold I have had dreams as if it was calling me back to visit one last time, pulling me in to go back, but I refuse too, The house is Evil and hope whoever lives there doesn’t experience those evil, only time will tell. One last observation is that our house was at the end of a long Street, as house on both ends of street, my brother in Law once mentioned that because of that, there could be all these negative energy coming from all of those house, which I fully believe, imagine the anger, hate, hardship, frustration all being push down our direction as the evil house feed on that, giving it to my wife and family.

It is my belief that there also exist residual energy, energy that builds up over time in a object and place, and without a cleansing will always stay, but even that may not help. We never conducted a cleansing, as Christians, we are believers in God’s cleansing and protection, even though we prayed for change in that house, I feel the presence of whatever was there was too strong, not to say God is Weak, just that Evil is strong and it was unwilling to leaving knowing it was affecting us in a negative way is probably why it stayed until the end.

I can’t say if I will miss the house, part of me does for the shear fact of my childhood growing up in that house with the love of my grandparents and the memories, I will NOT miss the city, congested city that continues to get more congested. I say goodbye House of Evil and riddance, may you not inflict your pain on us no longer and give peace to those now live there starting fresh!

This blog is a very imitate portrait of my life for really my life, some don’t get the opportunity to live in the best neighborhoods or the nicest houses growing up, but its what I had. For those who read this blog I know judgement will set in because maybe you never had live like I did and some may say I have lived through much worse, for which I am truly sorry.

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