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Creating Worlds with Words: Writing, Expression and Thoughts

As a writer I like to think that I have a lot to pull from in my life to make great literature, well at least one day I do.  I never thought of myself as a writer, but many be I should have because I have always thought about it since a child. I always felt words have meaning, words are powerful and they can either build up or breakdown a person. With words, without you knowing me I can build a connection with you and that is the power of words and reading.

It Starts with Reading

Naturally I love to read, diving into a book, looking for adventures, the author’s personal touch, knowing that that put their sweat into that book probably getting up early or staying up late to finish their masterpiece.  By reading an author’s work, you are giving respect to the time it took the author to write it. Currently I am writing my untitled and un-chaptered book coming in 116 thousand characters, and the story is still not finished.

Something within me has always wanted to write a book, something exciting, fun, something the reader will not want to put down. On the other hand I too want the book I write to have twist and turns enticing me not to put it down either, allowing me to forget any troubles I have in my life at the moment and live through my characters.

In my opinion although there are so many great books out there, I think society doesn’t read as much as the once before, now with social media and computers, many seem to devote them time to other things, that may not benefit them. For those who read my blogs, I recommend you read Reading: The tools you need in better writing are in a good book!.

Yes I know the title is long but I happen to love long titles with descriptions. Reading has incredible benefits that many may not realize that could possibly solve some of the issues that people have like relaxing for one.

When Society Stops Reading

I am not sure why but it seems to me society may be as bright as they once were when they read a book, simply because we rely heavily on information at our fingertips, like our IPhone or Tablet to feed us information. These forms of technology are not necessarily bad, technology is actually a good thing to have and it seems to be getting better each year.

I find using technology and apps very efficient for getting a quick fix on information, as well as have a kindle to read, which I personally love because you have the ability to download books, read them, highlight them, book mark them and so many other things.

Based on this article I was researching here are some reasons people may not read anymore:

  • Not Enough Time
  • Not Enough Money
  • Not Enough Experience
  • Too Tired
  • Too Hard
  • Multimedia Experience
  • Not a Habit

All of these list of items I could probably write pages and pages on how these are just excuses to do something better in the eyes of the reader but I will stick with a couple of these as I appear to be getting off topic which I do a lot

  1. Not enough Time – How much time does it take to read, well realistically you don’t need much time and throughout our day there are plenty of chances to read like your Lunch time, turning off the TV and read instead, get up a little earlier, go to bed a little later, tell your friends you rather stay home.  Tons of reason to read, but what many don’t realize is that once they start to read it’s hard to stop, because your brain is growing with the knowledge you are gaining from reading. Some may argue, what knowledge can I get from reading, how about better speech, strong vocabulary and so much more.
  2. Too hard- Reading can be hard, but that’s ok, it just means that our minds are not being used to the full capacity like they are meant too. I remember in High School I forced myself to read Moby Dick by Herman Melville, one of the most difficult books I have encountered but I love it, I loved books that challenged me to learn new words, words I didn’t know existed until I read those hard to read books and in the end I was a better young man for it.
  3. It’s not a habit – Make it habit, taking thirty minutes each day to read, just a measly thirty minutes and then make it an hour , start with every day, pick a book you want to read or a certain genre you feel you will like and read. That’s how simple it is, read all kinds of different books, no books are off topic, even kid’s book but those may be too easy to read, but just read.

I will stop at those points, because you get the point to reading, it’s something most of us are engrained with from a young age, many of my childhood books are still around today, that my young daughter is reading, that is the power or reading it leaves a lasting memory.

Bringing Reading and Writing Together

So once you start reading, getting to writing, you will see and learn different styles of writing and eventually adapting your own style. Some styles very traditional, some styles are a little strange in the sense that the author uses words to detail a character or scene or plot in completely different way we never thought you could. Writing allows you to experiment and there is nothing wrong with that, there are obliviously rules to writing, but what you write is all on you.

I deeply regret not focusing on my writing years ago, I mean I imagine where my writing career would be if I focused on my writing twenty years ago, but I try not to think about that because then I will Not focus on my current book, which at the moment is Not perfect, but once I get to editing I will go back and update and upgrade this version to a better version I hope.

Writing is a love of mine and I am thankful each day I can express myself with all of you, knowing I am not being judged but hopefully loved for my expression.  The point of this piece was really a reminder to all of us that although writing is fantastic and brings many of us joy we must always be Reader Advocates encouraging those around us to read.

Continuing with My Love of Writing

I guess what also spurred this piece is that I see so much hate on the web, social media, Television and many of those who spew hate , probably never pick up a book. So you may ask how I come to that conclusion that is because when you read, you find beauty in words and you see the importance of words and the affect they have over people and society. That is why when I write and we write, we should write with purpose to bring people together and not divide.

The power of writing and words are who I am, although I am sorry to say like anyone one of us we don’t always use our writing and words to uplift people especially in professional settings where we fire off an e-mail, or troll someone on social media, or speak to our loved ones, that is why words matter, so make them good ones.

11 thoughts on “Creating Worlds with Words: Writing, Expression and Thoughts”

  1. It is surely an amazing post! To be honest, I feel the world is facing as literary crisis with actual readers dwindling day by day. Modern day kids and teens (and even a few adults) are so technology based that story books are going backseat. I am very much against it, though.
    I absolutely love books and every world created by ink and imagination 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for kind words. It’s a sad fact that although we have literally thousands of books available at our fingertips, many don’t pick up a book. We as society seem to be really wrapped up in quick knowledge and not taking the time to read a good book. Many like to blame amazon for taking access away to Book stores and on some part is true, but we still have the ability to go and buy and search a book even read parts of it for free. Thank you for your comment.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I thank you deeply for such an wise insight of modern society. Honestly, I don’t believe it’s all fault of Amazon. It’s our fault, I guess, to become so lazy and dependent on Internet.
        True, Internet does allow us to know more about the world but the feel of reading books can be never rivalled.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Excellent Point! Your right about 10 years ago we had a lot more book stores , we still have Barnes and Noble left, aside from the smaller book stores. But your right laziness has taken over, especially now all the classics get looked over, the real thinkers of that time writing ahead of their time. Thank you.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. No, I am working on my first novel as we speak, I am almost done with the first draft, then editing, Beta and then querying to find an agent. I am considering self publishing too. I love adventure and Action , Mystery and some Sci-Fi. But My book is action adventure with a mix of some sci-fi, love and some mystery. I know I hope I entice the reader to love my book one day when its available.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. It’s really made for adults because it will be a long novel, there is some language in there, but I am debating to leave it in. I want this book to be open to all readers, but with it being long most YA may not read it.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. I anticipate it will change It could be enough for two regular novels if I get the story right. I will definitely let you know when it’s out and maybe you take a read. I appreciate your support and comments.

        Liked by 1 person

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