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Embracing My Writer Life, The Real Me

For those who follow my Blog you will see that currently I have a Weekly feature Stories from a child’s past, My writings from my childhood. From a young child I remember back I believe was around ten years old, I have had a love of story telling and writing. I also love and Loved to draw, trying to be creative in my own way. I didn’t think I was very good but it brought great solace and peace to my life.

Life was hectic, stressful even for a young boy living in a house dominated by a verbally abusive home, but always had the comfort of my Mother, my defender. Growing up due to how I was treated grew up to be very sensitive, But I always attempted to keep a straight face to my emotions as many times those around me asked what was wrong.  It was very frustrating growing up when people who ask what is wrong, why do you look sad or mad, well there was a reason, but I had terrible shyness and I think many times because I was so shy people equated that with me being unintelligent.

Writing was Always There for Me

Writing always seemed to be there for me, I could literally write a world into existence, create characters from scratch and live in that world. That is why I try to do with my writing, and what many writers do. I have push being a writer away for years, dabbling here and there, writing things that fit those things which I was apart of like Work. I am sure if my writing wasn’t about a fictional world, it would be about business, economics, leadership, but I wrote.

Writing is almost in a way like an addiction to me, because I am starting to see my gifts in writing, well at least I think I am building those gifts. Such Gifts as being able to write on the fly, as a Pantser, I can write pages and pages of free thought flowing. I can structure what I write in readable and understandable form so its enjoyable to read. Many times I do go overboard with writing but that is me, its part of my makeup and how I write.

I know we are all different in our writing styles and techniques such as being a plotter or Pantster, so who are incredibly organized in their stories where every detail is laid out perfectly giving those writers focus on the task as hand. I on the other hand try to think of my characters as living beings, who feel who hurt, who are speaking to me to create their destinies.

My Journey Will be Great!

Since really taking a serious look at my writing about 9 months ago, I feel I have growth in my thought process, I have opened my eyes to create something that didn’t exist.

I have really made an effort to being a better writer, working with the process of writing, learning better punctuation, Dialogue, Sentence formations and structures and what it takes be good at writing.

I will have my failures, there will be plenty of that when my book is done being told, I am writing sucks. But I look around to those who don’t write yet criticize those who do and I just think what do you know about writing.

I look not only to the world of writing but being a reader too, how many people write and put out content, which may seem like a lot but it’s probably fairly small because writing is difficult, Writing takes patience, perseverance , it takes failure, lots of failure to be good.

I now have a greater respect for what it takes to write a book. As a writer I love reading because it continues my love but allows me to have an appreciation for what that write went through.

My Words will have Meaning

I believe it was long days, nights, mornings, writing that book or piece no matter what, knowing those words matter and had to get those words out to the world. I hope my words have meaning, they do to me, but to those who one day read my work.

I continue to embrace my love for writing each day, each moment so I show myself I am not Worthless, I have a gift that others will love, to empower those who read my work. I always want to lift others up, especially because I know what it means to be put down. I was put down for so long, thank you for sharing this journey with me, to me this is our adventure in Writing.

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