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Chaos Taking Over ! What is Going on?

The world is in Chaos as we speak first starting is Covid-19 and now with recent killing here in the United States as protestors have turned this event a reason to Loot and burn anything in their way. I happen to live in San Bernardino county about 45 miles from Los Angeles the epicenter of Covid-19 and the Protest/riots taking place. This event is sucking the world in as other countries are find a reason to protest too.

I will just be sitting comfy at home as why would I risk my life and health to protest something that in my opinion it NOT change. Racism is apart of our country whether we like it or not. If we we think as citizens our government will do anything they will not because frankly those who practice racism like White supremist are citizens and our country will NOT infringe on their rights for they killer belief system.

As someone who is has Spanish ancestry I know perfectly what it means to be discriminated against for my skin color. I have seen how I am treated at work and in my career and I absolutely hate it. But I am just trying to get through with my life. Time is ticking away as I get older and solving racism , discrimination is not something I have the power or will to change.

Why am I saying all of this because I know I have no power to changes these situations, Only GOD can change the course of our lives. The times of today are Nothing new, but I believe many are becoming woke to what is going on, but its not enough, we need to open our eyes even more to other injustices like income inequality, ageism, Sexism and many other ism’s.

From my standpoint we have a racist in the top office as president who chooses not to condone racism. Further more we have racist in our congress as they may choose not to call themselves that but reality they are. As you can see this subject boils my blood because I see NO point in burning down buildings, Shooting and Murdering Cops, Rioting, what does that have to do with Racism. In my opinions just shows how ignorant people are to do those things and think it will change things.

How would you feel if you had a business and some random person decided to just burn your business down all in the name of racism, how does that help the cause, IT DOES NOT. We have a deadly pandemic happening as we speak and the streets are filled with protestors catching the deadly virus as we speak that that same virus into their home, into communities leading to what could be worst case scenarios death or serious sickness.

As you can see I am really worked up about this as this situation truly does anger me. For those saying well what about the man that died due to police brutality’s and yes that angers me too, but the peoples response I think is complete overboard making matters only worse. I believe in the sanctity of human life, but what about society as a whole this is healthily especially with everything going on in the world, I think NOT.

Wishing everyone a safe and prosperous weekend ! See what’s in store for the coming weeks and months as our country continues to unravel. Stay Safe.

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