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Being a Christian Doesn’t Give You a Right to Hate!

Since 2009 a most memorable year in my life as this was a time I would meet my future wife, but this was also the time I became a christian and gave my life to Christ. I don’t talk about my faith much on my blog for one because I find it very personal. For those outthere who may not have any faith in religion or God for that matter this piece may not be for you.

As a christian I have grown in my faith and have relied on GOD for my neeeds even though it has not been easy. Since getting married that has only strengthen my faith in Jesus to be my crutch in my life. Like anyone else I have had my good times and bad times.

Over the years I have developed what I interupt to what GOD wants for my life and what direction he wants my life to go into. Again I have made mistakes along the way for not listening to GOD on my life direction and took my own path at times and frankly have failed even when the warning signs were there and when I went against my wifes advise which I don’t recommend.

Over the years I truly opened my eyes to the Christians around me, the hypocrisy that takes place in the body of Christ. I get we are all human, we all make mistakes and we are imperfect, only GOD is perfect. But I really seen lately the huge disappointment in fellow believers especially since Trump became president.

I never thought so many would become Sheep of Trump and follow him to the ends putting aside GOD’s love to meet an agenda. What agenda do I speak of well the abolishment of abortion for one, which as a Christian we are taught that abortion is against God and in some way It is because GOD values our life and life and it is sacred.

Now I am not here to get into the abortion debate, because one thing GOD gave us was free will. Free will to choose how to live our lives in the hope that we would turn to him and give our lives. Abortion as much as I may not like it is Not my choice and we live in a world where abortion is allowed while other countrys do not allow it. I am not here to judge or condemn those who do, but I have a point so stick with me.

My point is back to the disappointed in fellow christians as they have thrown love, patience and kindness out the window to Make American Great Again. I have watched one of my churches which I used to attend turn into a full MAGA church which pains me to see as many who go to that church I have had some interaction online and they spoke some of the most vile things to me to defend their Trump Loving pastor.

Now I admit we ALL have a right to listen to, follow whoever we want as so I am, I choose to follow GOD and my pastors keep politics out of the pulpit. But if you have seen how what I call the Christian Elite act is disgusting, those like Franklink Graham, Jack Hibbs, Greg Laurie all Trump followers and advisors.

Some of reading this may say well its a free country, to each their own why let it bother you. It bothers me because as the body of Christ we are to be united and I frankly don’t see that. I don’t remember anywhere in the Bible where it said it perfectly ok to follow a man who Lies, Cheats and Steals from the American people, Puts kids in cages and who has ignored the rule of law.

In my opinion any good they try to do with wiped away with lies as our President constantly does. In addtion we not only have a corrupt president who a cabinet who only take advantage of the american people. As you can tell I am NOT a Republican and prior to Trump becoming president I had NOT interest in politics, I actually have Never VOTED. But I will vote this November as if my life depended on it and so should You!

I don’t hate my brothers and sister in Christ I just feel bad for them they followed blindly hook, line and sinker for a man who who doesn’t give a damn about them only as a Vote nothing more , nothing Less, its all about him, his selfish greedy self. I actually find joy when fellow pastors and believes call out the Bull shit they see and bring a voice to Trump.

As a christian body the main arugment many say is well Trump is fighting for our rights, he is fighting to make our world better. People are in a better place now more than ever and I say again bull shit. We are in a far worse place then we were 4 years ago. No president is perfect, they all make bad decisions because they are human trying to do their best, but Trump only has Trump to worry about.

As of late I have grown angry with politics and I will say its on both sides Dems and the GOP, both living in their ivory towers looking down on us while they collect their fat paychecks. I get our country is at a huge disadvantage with the GOP in senate and a Dem House nothing will get down because frankly both Parties don’t care. At Least Dems try while in my opinion GOP lies , cheats and steals from the american people.

I see hate on the rise, violence, Racisim increasing all while COVID-19 is taking place, a recession is here , 40 million out of work yet Many christians are happy to see that the end times are coming. Yes I know we should all be happy as Christian the end times are coming, but what a world to leave behind especially with my wife and seven year old daughter.

Add in the recent riots, protests and murder of innocents and when I look at the Christians I see finger pointing, blame of Dems rarely GOP. Even the 15000 kids in cages are ignored by the Christian Right not a word or care as many of their positions are well their illegal, they shouldnt have come here, they get what they deserve instead WHO CARES.

Some of you out there may say well how do you know what those christians feel? What right do you have to say that. Let me ask you this if they cared so much where are they? where are they on Fox News, OAN and other networks talking about the injustice, you just wont find it. Again this goes to both sides, but as Christians, which literally means CHRIST LIKE , where are those christ like people, NO WHERE to be found.

Our world has both beautiful images of how Christians have helped those around the world and many do I am not discounting those who go into the mission field and preach the world. But what about here at home? It appears many Non believers have the right message for fighting for those who are voiceless, those figting to have food on the table to feed their families where in Amerika we have an abdunance of food and resources to help those in need but choose not to because what are we some charity to the world, well we used to be.

Sorry getting off topic again as a Christian we are to follow the word of GOD, be Kind, Be loving, be peace makers, where is that in our country and our world, I know its out there but where we need more of that today. We need for pastors to stick to preaching the word of GOD, the mission is to save souls not bring souls down with why Trump is the best president since Abraham Lincoln.

Alot of world hates because of politics, dictators presidents, people who are put in power. Ill admit GOD almightly put Trump in power to teach us a lession. When you choose a lying, selfish leader who get someone who will not care when things go bad like with COVID-19 due to his inaction we have failed. This whole sick experiment over the last four years has been on sick experiment to teach Christians to wake up or else.

I know this may seem like one big rant, but this goes to show you I love my faith, my God and although I fail as a christian, I know who leads my life ultimately as he is the only one who can save so one day my soul has a place to go in Heaven. I know many may not believe but I hope you do to know Jesus died for you and me so we could have eternal life in heaven one day.

Christians need to wake up even though they think they are Woke they are not , they are lost, but many will say I am lost because I choose not to follow a lier in the White House. Sad days are truly ahead for all, but pray they get better.

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