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Happy Father’s Day!

Father’s day is here, a day I find to be special in its own right but on the other hand not very important. I am very thankful for being a father and trying to be a good dad. I know it’s not easy being a dad in today’s culture because so many fathers have ruin fatherhood for some many of their kids lives leaving a bad taste in their month.

Growing up my father was in my life, although my parents were divorced we would see him every other weekend and to this day is still in our life. I am sorry to say I didn’t have too many male role models in my life. My father tried, but he was always working and when we were together was too tired at times which left me and my sister to our devices.

My grandfathers who were also in my life but only one I can say truly played a real grandfather who was my father’s father and his name was Moses. My grandfather a WWII vet, tough a nails Christian, hard worker and fought to his last breath.

One the other end of the spectrum my other grandfather who I will refer as to the “Devil” was a self love, naracistic evil Som of a Bitch who made life a living hell most of my life who resembled nothing of father and grandfather.

Far Left – Grandfather (The Devil), Far Right ( WWII Vet Loving Grandfather Moses) , Center My dad Moses surrounded by my mother, Aunt, Uncle, Grandmother and sister.

Once I became a father I knew I had to change all of that and although I am far from perfect I only hope I can give my daughter a better father and hope one day she sees me as a good day. My father refers to be a DA DA or Daddy, Papa whatever mood she is in to address me.

My daughter Mikaylah is the love of my life next to wife and of course GOD and my sister, father and brother in law. As father I have tried to give my father a good life but I have failed at times especially trying to move up the professional latter of sucess. As she only 7 at this time I don’t know if she realizes if she has a good life yet, but one day she will realize like I did.

Growing up I didn’t truly realize that my family didn’t have a lot of money, but did have roof over our head, clothes and food in our bellies, so I guess we were ok. Plus an abundance of toys, toys and more toys courtesty of my mother and father.

This is a day that my life changed forever on January 2013 is when my daughter was born, never going back to living alife alone although I have been married since 2010. My daughter who has given me pure joy and love and an expensive lesson is raising a child, but Its all worth it.

Father’s day for some may not a be a day that many wish to celebrate as there are many many fathers who have not been around or ruin their childhood in some way. If that is the case for you I am very very sorry, becasue fatherhood is meant to be about love, guidance, patience and treating that child like a precious gift which kids are.

I guess we never really know what one will truly become in life if your father provided a good upbringing as I have seen that fathers do have an impact over the development of children when they grow up. I am in no way saying Mother’s don’t they do of course, but this is about dad’s today. I know many mom’s who have to play the father figure too and I know that is a hard role especially when raising a young man.

If you are a father and feel you are failing, be kinder to yourself and know you are important to your child’s life and if you are not your child’s life then try to be in their life if possible. I say if possible because many fathers dont have the best relationships with the mother of their children or have court orders or live a 1000 miles away, but its always possible.

My only hope is when my father is older and on her own she will know I tried my hardest to raise her in a good way, even though I feel I work alot too which is provide for her.

The sad truth is fathers are some times made to be jokes epecially in Movies and Television, something I don’t always agree with but I am not offended, such shows as The Simpsons. The bumbling Homer Simpson who reminds me of my father in a way.

I think many fathers today don’t fully get the respect we deserve and that is becaues so many fathers have screwed up fatherhood, especially those who leave to live the single life not appreciating fatherhood and making some kids go through sufferage to survive.

No father is perfect and we all know that, some fathers are poor, some deal with drug abuse, gambling, porn addictions, tons of vices that fathers struggle with. But there are truly horrific fathers who beat their kids and wives, verbally abuse and physically abuse their kids, that is NOT love.

So if you are father in your kids lives apprecaite that and lets try to be better dad’s to our kids, love them more, apprecaite them for who they our and know we have a short time to spend with our kids before they grow and leave us for their own life.

As a father my hope is to leave a legacy in some way not just money, but my words and writing and even my Pod cast. so one day we can hear my thoughts, see my words and know that I put something down for her. Honestly my father and grandparents I didn’t know much about them which I know its pretty sad that Is why I am trying to change that for my dauther now.

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It would be great to get my book published one day and have that as part our legacy especially for my daughter to have in rememberance of me and what I attempted to do in this life, because I love her so much!

One this day wishing all the fathers a great food filled day with lots and lots of ties , cards and sweet memories. Cheers to all you out there, Happy Pop’s day!

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