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Triggered: How Evangelicals Accept Hate in Politics and The Church to Meet Their Agenda in Today’s World

For those who have read my blogs you may have noticed that I write about a variety of topics from Creative writing, Short Stories, Bigfoot and almost anything on my mind.  Based on the title of this piece you will see that I am a Christian and take my faith very seriously.

I am far from perfect, so I will start there and I know that. As a person we are not meant to be perfect, only GOD is perfect, despite what people may say that he is flawed because situations in their favor are not happening. GOD and Jesus one in the same are perfect, omniscient , Loving, Patient, knows the Past, Future and Present and in my view everything is in his control, nothing is in our control .

What triggered this post and yes I will use the word triggered because I truly see the church going in a horrible direction and although its GODs church not Mine nor man, God has surely placed men and women in charge of his church to preach the word of God and save souls. I am not a pastor I am just a Jesus follower who knows right and wrong something that many christians today don’t seem to know the difference.

How I was Triggered

I am absolutely disgusted with the fact that we have “Christians” who follow our current president Trump. I have had the opportunity to speak with many through social media primarily Facebook and they are unlike any christians I have seen before. Many appear convinced that Trump can do no wrong, his lying , cheating ways are no big deal simply because he is doing their bidding such as filling the courts with conservatives , abolishing abortion in society, which in my opinion that will never be abolished, protecting religious freedoms, having a relationship with Israel. All Many agenda points which most christians fight for. Now don’t get me wrong they are important to me, but at what cost should those things happen, a loss of morality, a loss of ignoring what Jesus says and what GOD hates, which we have all but ignored in this president.

I truly see them as Sheep and although many who read this will see religion in general flawed and that is because Christians are meant to represent goodness but failed and are failing to do that. I am NOT saying there are no good Christians out there, are obliviously are and those who fight for the voiceless. But as a Christians how can you explains how people are treated today. I have faith in my GOD Jesus because he has NEVER let me down, but I refuse to treat people like they don’t matter of any race, color , sex and creed, every man and women matters so how is that many today treat others like 2nd class citizens and this goes for minorities too.

I am appalled at how evangelicals have treated those in need like at the border, even the homeless where are they today? where are those fighting for the voiceless and yes I mean the unborn but what the kids at the border who are being abused as we speak in detention centers, who got stripped from the parents and pawned off to foster care which in my opinion is like kidnapping. If you are not aware what happens when an undocumented person crosses the border and caught, the child is separated from the parent and basically given to foster care were others adapt them while we deport the parents back to their country, OH its happen as we speak. I am angry as you can see as we have come to a point that Christians have been consumed in politics Right VS left, Hate.

What GOD Hates

As a Christian I am too have strong convictions about hating evil and GOD is very specific that we are to HATE what he hates which include the following from Proverbs 6:16:19

These 7 things the Lord Hates and I do everything in my power to say clear of what GOD hates, again I am not perfect and we all fall short in the glory of GOD, but he gives us specific standards to follow.

You may be asking where is all leading to, its leading to how many Christians today do not even resemble what god hates and those who even follow hate.  I see every day especially in the United States who professes the name of Jesus yet does all of these things.

I see it in the church when they proclaim they love Jesus yet they are completely silent on some of the biggest travesty’s happening in our country especially those who follow President Trump, a man I personally didn’t vote for and would have never voted for due to a man I have seen as evil and who could care less about anyone than himself and time and time again has proven that.

It angers me when I see Churches, evangelical leaders support and continue to support a man who has caged Men, Women and Children without an ounce of humanity or dignity. Despite the difficulties of the situation has made things worse.

I will not pretend to understand what happens on the Border, I am sure it’s horrific, but these are human beings are not pawns in his political game of hate for the brown man and women. He has also Lied over 10,000 times purposely mind you, continues to cause conflict in the United States and the world. Continues to run to evil and do evil things that are coming to light every day, yet, people still support him spreading hate, increase in violence and unfortunately many of those are so called Christians.

I am Not Bashing Christians, but those who proclaim to be ones and don’t follow God’s word, these are NOT Christians, they are followers of Man. I will say that I hope many will see the light, but just like in the bible where Sheep were referenced, that is represented by us, because Sheep are considered the stupidest creatures. But JESUS loves us and if we follow him, he will never leave up for forsake us, that is why I continue to follow him, Not Trump, Congress or anyone else. 

I truly believe times will get worse and they are expected to per the Bible, eventually Jesus will come back for his church and his Bride Groom which is us, but no ones know the day or hour, only he knows.

As a Christian I understand God has a purpose for everything, even placing a man like Trump or any other King or Queen in power, because he has a purpose. 

What Jesus Stands for!

Being a Christian can be difficult but worth it, because I know deep down what Jesus stands for is Love, building a relationship with him, following him and loving him. He gives us a choice that will always stand, it is my belief that you can not love two masters, you either are for Jesus or against him, you not have any feelings towards Jesus, so that means to you are against him.

As a Christian I am not here to preach to you, but to love you, be an example of Christian living even though I will fail, because I am man and will fail, but I will always try.

In today’s day and age Politics has infused Christianity into that platform, many times spinning God’s word to fit the agenda and to make money, two things God surely hates. I see it now and really has always been around, where there will be those trying to make a buck on God’s name and people surely fall for it.

I have also seen churches incorporate politics in their messages, not always outright telling us to vote for someone but leaning towards that direction, not giving direct access to other party like Republicans and Democratic candidates.  In addition, there is what’s called the Christian Elite which are mega churches who have a lot of influence push an agenda and again telling us who we should really root for and I absolutely despise that.

I understand as a Christian we have a mission field to go out and preach the gospel, but what does voting for Donald Trump or another candidate have to do with God’s word, in my opinion Nothing.

God Is in control again he will place whoever he wants in power and we will just have to deal with it. It’s my educated guess that God will put people in our life for reasons to teach us even if it affects us negatively like Donald Trump who continues to lie, spread falsehoods, self-dealing and really only cares about his base, constantly putting down minorities, Immigrants. Democrats, journalist and anyone who doesn’t agree with him.

Again God is in control, so only he knows what the future holds, because we live in republic we have choice which is of course wonderful, but choices have consequences when we make mistakes just like in life.

As a Christian, I live my life devote to Christ, My wife , Daughter, Family who are the core of my life, God Comes first and what he wants for my life.

Getting to the end you may be asking what is the point of this blog, the point was to simply release this burden on my heart over what I see is a sad state of affairs in Christianity in the United States. I say the United States because in certain country’s being a Christian is deadly like countries such as Iran, China, even Russia, because the Bible is considered controversial for its principles, where these governments are so afraid of an uprising and people opening their eyes to the truth. It is written Jesus will account for those places that have little or no access to the word of God before the end of days.

I pray the country does turn around fast, our churches as well, but most importantly you and me who will open our eyes to what is happening around us. Of course we are to Live our lives, be busy unto the Lord until his return, not to Fret or do not be afraid which is mentioned 365 times, meaning we are not to be afraid each day of week, because again he is in control.

Again this is not to bash Christianity, its to shine a light on those who profess they Love God, but don’t reflect anything godly but worldly, that goes to the Government, those in the church and of course the world.  It’s time to wake up Christian, open your eyes to what’s happening and stop falling for lies of the enemy,  pray more, open your bible more, put the phone down and focus on building godly god fearing lives.

In today’s society I was against social media for so many years like Facebook and Twitter for the same reasons I am today its divisive, it sucks you to be negative and that goes for be a Christian. Christians are hated online and sometimes it becomes overwhelming to be online but I love the interaction for my writing.

There is some truth online but we have to be very careful and there is lots of misinformation but there is also truth to how people especially Christians act and are silent on important human rights issues.

For those who follow me online you will see that over the past few months I have gotten very political in my posts against our current administration but many evangelicals follow him like sheep in my opinion. He goes against everything Christ stood for. Yes Christians want to abolish abortion , put the bible back in schools and so many other things. Many take choose to have a platform to hate in the name of Jesus because they feel they can justify it but they can not.

The image I think of when I see Evangelicals who Love Trump

Jesus was called for us to LOVE not hate, he was called to die for our sins yet Christians seem to be the best offenders at times especially from what I call the Christina Elite, those mega churches who feel they own Christianity and their voice is what matters. GODS word is what matters, man will always be weak and have self interest even if you are a pastor of a major church, ONLY Jesus is selfless.

Over the last few months I have grown increasinly angry over what I see happening in the church today and even by those who call themselves believers. Now I am by no means a perfect person and I am NOT self rightious in my pointing out flaws because I know what the bible says when it comes to pointing out the log in my brothers eyes:

So I know I should focus on my own flaws before I start pointing out others flaws, but it pains me to see Lost people especially believer who practice hate, who follow a man who lies to them as president and those choose to ignore the pain of others in need instead to practice what god hates.

I know we all fall short in this world and in the eyes of GOD, but we can all ask for forgiveness and we are forgiven on the shot, what a great GOD. If would only practice what we preach we would all be better people. I can’t expect those who don’t believe to practice not doing what god hates, but I see many non christians do which put many to shame.

What is the point of the message is NOT to point out what we shouldn’t do, but really a message for myself to remember that I am not perfect, I too do things GOD hates and I need to stop. I am NOT holier than thou, but I am a man who strives to be better each day and some days I do take a step back but I move forward again. This Blog may be more geared for believers but for who don’t believe this may go to show you what GOD hates and how we can strive to be better.

Lastly I know that many may not like this Blog because NO likes to be told what GOD hates, because many will equate that with GOD being unloving but that is quite the opposite because GOD loves all of us regardless of what we think. GOD only wants the best for us and to rely on him for our needs when it can be difficult its easy to rely on ourselves, but I see seek him, Pray and see what happens God is faithful to us.

I know from reading this many will say hey your just a Trump hate, first and foremost I DONT hate anyone I Hate that we have a man as president who practices ALL the things GOD hates and yet Evangelicials are accepting of him. I have truly interacting with many online and although its a small percentage I speak to and I can not speak on behalf of all christians and I choose NOT to, this is what I observe. Now If this is the direction our church is going into then we are in serious trouble. What will happen when Trump is NOT in office will the church recover from the years they practice to hate fellow man, to accept a man who they followed for years and destroyed the rule of law and republic. I am being over dramatic some of you will say I am, but I see what is happening around me and its scary. Here is a scripture I truly see today taking place and although this scripture is true to any generation, day, year and time, it is even more true today. There are literally hundreds of scriptures if not thousands that talk about evil in the world and those practice it. I am not self righteous in understanding my faults I know I am flawed seriously, but each day I work on my relationship with Jesus to be a better man, husband, father, brother and son.

What has been so shocking to me that those I do speak with say I am lost, I am letting the devil working through me because I am making an attempt for others to open their eyes to deception like this this wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Yes I am triggered each day and maybe I need to lay off the social media, I am NOT a news watcher but I see Twitter and Facebook have the same negative affect. I know social media is NOT reality but those are still people voices many negative who appear un-rational. Many will say I am being un-rational people have a right to believe what they want, what right do I have to tell people what to believe, but at the end of the day there is still right and wrong, truth and lies, what will you choose to believe, many will believe the lie without thinking, without investigation that is NOT me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and know that is has been in my heart and mind for quite some time and it will continue to be on my mind and heart for years to come. I do believe that one day Christ will come back and take us to heaven it could today, tomorrow or a hundred years from now only GOD knows but in the mean time I am here and continue to search for the truth and not believe the lies of the Devil or what the world tells me to believe.

For those out there who are Christians I hope you see my heart and where I am coming from . Those who are Non-believers know my concerns come from what I see in our country taking place and refuse to bow down to a man who I see only cares for himself and only has an agenda to help himself be enriched for his own financial gain, something many followers of Trump have said I am wrong, and with everything I say there has been research, studies even to his mental fitness which I believe he is unfit to be president, but I respect the republic because people voted for him, hopefully a learned lesson to what can happen when we choose the wrong people.

I am open minded, I am intelligent in my assessment of what I believe, but wrong is wrong, never will wrong be just ok or right as long as Christian agenda is made. GOD is once again in control of what happens in our life although we all have a choice and thank GOD because many countries take away a persons right of choice and we are republic with freedoms that I see are at stake each day due to the corruption taking place in the office of presidency, congress , senate and our country, lets wake up!

Lastly be kind to each other , love one another and in the words of the great Fred Rogers:

Thank you once again for taking the time to letting me unload my heart as this blog has been sitting in draft since May of 2019 and finally could no longer hold on to my feelings. Until we meet again!

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