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Happy Birthday Mom! You Will Always Be Loved and Missed!

Today would have been your 61st birthday and you are incredibly missed each day. This day is truly a blessing and a curse and I am sure I am not the one who feels this way when we think of loved ones who have passed and wish and know they should be here today.

My mother Linda Gutierrez, Born August 30, 1959 , Death December 9th 2015 was an incredible human being who provided love and sacrifice each day in our lives. She was truly the sacrificial mother who did everything in her power to keep me and my sister going. Life was not easy for my mom as a single parent living with a verbally abusive father and my grandfather who made life a living hell each day.

Despite those incredible adversities that we lived in she still focused on my sister and I to bring us to be the people we are today. Both my sister and I have different traits of my mother both physically, mentally, and emotionally. My mother in my opinion was a soft soul, a sensitive soul which I believe had a lot to do with her own upbringing.

Growing up she had a mother, step father, brothers and sisters many of which didn’t truly treat her right and it was not just siblings being siblings deep down it was more than that but I will never fully know because she never liked speaking about it.

Growing up my mother went search of her birth father who would soon take her in along with two young children, a decision I feel she deeply regretted but again made a choice to make sure my sister and I always had a roof over our head, food in our tummies but it didn’t come without a high price.

I know this may not have anything to do with celebrating her birth but without her birth, her pain, her sacrifice we would not be the people we are today which is good and bad because we all imperfections and flaws that carry on from our parents.

I am forever grateful my mother got the chance to see her only grand child before she passed and I know Mikaylah brought great joy and love to her life from day one. I will forever honor my mother in her life and be sure to pass who my mother was to my daughter, so she knew she has two Grand mothers who love her, one grandparent fortunately lives today and we were blessed enough to have her spend months together.

Again we I know we don’t all have good relationships with Mothers and fathers and many of you may not feel the feel to honor their memory for your own reasons, but I choose to keep my mother alive in us, my life and my life taking away what she had taught me in my lifetime.

Love You Mom

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