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Milestone: Happy 10 year Wedding Anniversary to my Love and Bride

Today I celebrate an incredible milestone as I celebrate my 10 year wedding anniversary. There is so much to say to commemorate this day. Delia and I married on October 2nd, 2010 in small wedding at my wife’s church. A church I attended too but it was her home church.  I met my future wife to be in the year of 2008 introduced by a previous friend who I worked with at the time.

God’s joining of two souls

Thinking back I can honestly say that I never imagined I would need the love of my life because for most my adult life until meeting my wife I was alone. We came from two different life’s she being Salvadorian and I American two very different cultures which took some time to get use to as her first language was Spanish and of course mine English but she spoke English too.  Over the years especially in the beginning it was tough, the previous friend I mentioned was someone who initially introduced us but also attempted to divide us and break up our relationship to this day I don’t know why but she tried and failed because I knew I wanted to be with her.

The only Women Who Truly Loves Me

I can truly say that Delia is the only women to love me and to give me the time of day despite my flaws. Like any relationship and marriage, it has its highs and lows, good times and bad but we got through it. She has been nothing but supportive of me in our life even though I made some major errors in our financial life and our life together which included leaving jobs, moving to Los Angeles in the Hood so we could save money and recover from some hardships. But I too had been there to support here as she stay home, took care of our daughter while I worked two, three jobs for us to make but it was all worth it.

There are obviously things I would have done differently if I could go back in time primarily saving more money, being kinder to her and our daughter and not letting life get me down. Our life has not been a fairly tail although I tend to look at younger married couples who tend to have everything, I desire a big nice house, money and much more. But I look at my life, my wife and our daughter and this is my life and is was the life GOD created for me.

God is our Center

GOD has been the center of our life and give him the glory in our marriage and even our failures because GOD has not left us. In today’s day and age it seems marriage is rarity where its so easy to get divorced and give  up on a relationship and to a certain degree that’s the freedom we have as a culture to move on and in a way that’s a good thing, but we choose to stick together, grow through failures and love each other unconditionally. 

I know I am not the same man I was ten years ago and I am constantly evolving sometimes not in good ways and that’s not because of my wife and daughter its me because of how life changes a person, I am definitely more cynical now adays, but I look forward to each day with her and watching her grow and our daughter grow into new people each day. I look forward to 10, 20, 30 years or more that’s if we live that long who knows only GOD knows our end date but until then I will devote my life to GOD, Her and our daughter Mikaylah.

For those our that may find this post too sappy my apologies, but I only wished to remember this day, remember the day my life changed forever and even remember the people who shared in this day like my mother who is no longer here anymore, quite frankly all those people who came to our wedding are no longer in our life, amazing how time changes people and relationship as our life has been whittled down to just myself, wife , daughter and of course my father, sister and brother in law are in my life, but other then that no one else.

Thank you for sharing in this day and here is our wife’s favorite song that truly signifies our love, so many choices but this is the one we most remember.

Hands to Heaven by Breathe

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