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Being Thankful Even When its Tough to do so!

Tis the season to be thankful as we round out 2020, I find this time of year difficult for so many reasons but at the same time remembering to be thankful. Coming up on the five-year anniversary of my mother’s passing who was only 56 at time as my life has never been the same since her passing. She truly was the only who held the family together giving me a purpose to celebrate holidays.

I am Thankful for…

Now don’t get me wrong I have my wife and daughter which in a sense provides me that purpose but for anyone who knows Mothers are irreplaceable regardless how old we are especially during the holidays. Yes we have other family like my Father, Sister, Wife and Daughter, Brother in Law to spend those holidays and I am thankful for them being there.

I try not to think about my mother’s passing to much as It really brings me down in the sense but remembering those things I should be thankful for. Being thankful for my wife and daughter who I love, my sister, father and brother in law being close to me, a roof over my head, Two jobs and stability. For many years I have lived an unstable life due to my lingering career and the lack of accompanying money and although I am NOT a millionaire I have enough to be content. Of course life is not perfect and frankly not sure if anyone’s life is perfect I doubt it. But at this point in my life it can be hard to thankful even when we look around and should be.

The State of Our Nation in Trouble

I guess the biggest part of my unhappiness at this point is the state of our country, watching our country crumble as many in our country wish to destroy each other with hate and racism. I will say that its not just the trumpers, or the Dems or Republicans its really across the board which is quite sad and disappointing, thinking just why cant people just respect and be civil to one another and then I remember that we live in a fallen world. Our world ripe for the people to take advantage to truly destroy democracy as we see it. I never understand how one can think it helps to burn the place down helps society, its selfish, but who are we kidding we live in a selfish world, a hateful country built on racism that will never go away.

Many could say well not everyone is a racist, not everyone hates there are good people in our country and world and I truly believe that, but it appears we have more filled with hate then those who truly just wan to love. The people I feel I am most disappointed with are the Christians, the evangelicals who I am apart of that group being the main agitators of bring their biases , prejudices and hate in the open when they preach the name of Jesus. I have to remember even if one says I love Jesus, they are still human and even though they are too afraid to look in the mirror to see their projected hate, they are haters who spread lies and deceit to those around them truly Sheep in wolves clothing.

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Many of you who read my blogs probably feel I am way to hard on Christians when I call myself a Christ Believer. I believe in righteousness, doing the right thing, being loving and kind which I have tried to do although many people in the world are just unlovable. I know Jesus definitely loves the unlovable as he died for them too just like you and me, but I know I have a long way to go to love to unlovable people.

It’s Not Us Versus Them!

Thinking of one of favorite films Rocky IV , so reminiscent of what is happening today with US Versus them, them being Trumpers who claim to stand up for good, for doing what is right, but rarely have seen in the last four years. Don’t get me wrong the Left are not much better at times acting terribly despite saying they stand for true justice in America while they commit terrible acts too, this is why its so hard to be thankful at times.

Some of you may be saying what does what your saying have anything to do with being thankful and how it relates is that what is going on in our country well ultimately it’s about seeing the good in our country and frankly I don’t see it right now. Yes I can I just focus on those in my life and I do, but our thankfulness in this life has so many areas that we need to be right. I know that many in the world today are truly suffering living in true poverty.

Especially in our country due to the Pandemic, many are out of work, on the verge of a losing everything in a country that says hey your important but reality we know we are alone here, survival of the fittest, White Versus Black, Rich Versus Poor, Haves and Have Not’s has anything really changes in the over 200 years our country has existed since the first Thanksgiving.

I truly believe if your poor in this country others will make you feel criminal for being poor, a leach off society which is what society tells those just trying to make it. I ask you can those people who are called leaches be thankful when society has deemed them unfit to live here or just to live in general. Again my point being be Thankful for lack of means still allows us to look on the brighter side of things, but when I look at my thankfulness I claw for those things I need to be thankful for.

Being Thankful Despite the Bleakness

For 2020 lets all try to be thankful even though its hard with all the death, destruction in our country that is taking place. I know for those families who have lost family due to COVID may find it hard to be thankful this time of year, but there is always something. Hug those people in your life if you can, tell those in your life family and friends you love them, look around and even when it seems pretty bleak we can remember tomorrow is another day to be thankful for the air we breath and life itself because we have more opportunities to have redo’s to better ourselves, our lives and our families lives that is something to be thankful for.

For many who read this, this may not all make sense to you, but if it does then we truly see eye to eye by making it our life’s mission to be thankful even when its hard because we will not allow this country, this world to bring us down and destroy our spirit.

Give Thanks and Enjoy the Day!

Have a great thanksgiving, make sure you pig out with all of your favorites. Personally, I love turkey, Mash, Sweet Potatoes, you know all the carbs and lets not forget the deserts oh yeah!

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2 thoughts on “Being Thankful Even When its Tough to do so!”

  1. Every single day, I make it a point to be thankful for something. Even if it’s having toilet paper. I watch a lot of documentaries about people that don’t have much. Sometimes all I have to do is look around me and feel thankful. I might not have the most but it’s better than nothing, you know?


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