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Happy 8th Birthday to Daughter Mikaylah

Today is my daughter’s 8th Birthday, actually it was January 5th but with the hustle and bustle of work and life it’s so hard to through a good day during the week. I can truthfully can not imagine my life with out my daughter and my wife of course. eight years ago, my life changed forever and prior to that getting married to my wife and her mother Delia. 

Mikaylah being our only child is a blessing and continues to be, although raising kids is a tough role like most parents realize but it pays great dividends. Not sure, why I used a financial analogy because kids even one is expensive but in the long run we remember we are raising a human being who will grow up, leave up and go take on the world. I honestly cannot remember being eight years old, but I hope these years she remembers, and I work to make them memorable for her. At my eight years old, it would 1988, a great year probably , you can see here: List of 1988 box office number-one films in the United States – Wikipedia

But enough about me, my daughter who has been home school since March has really excelled and I am truly amazed at how well she has adapted to zoom and being online. Although like most parents this not the way we would prefer our kids learn, preferably being in school but she has worked hard to keep going and I have worked to support her anyway I can. Luckily, she has her friends she can speak to every day, playing games, having deep philosophical conversations but ultimately not losing her childhood.  It is my hope one day that she reads my blogs she will see how much I love her and cherish her, having almost lost her a few years ago on Thanksgiving. The years continue to fly by and it can foresee one day her graduating high school, go to college, be an adult and see the fruits of our labor as parents. I know parenthood is never perfect and will Not have control over our kids once they come of age. That is why we MUST cherish them, treat them with respect, even at times when they may not.

Like anything else in life, I reflect on this time in my child’s life, knowing she is a gift from GOD that I was given to care for and bring up in the Lord and in some sense, I fail like many of us parents do at times, since she didn’t come with an instruction manual. She is a good girl with her own great qualities but many of qualities she takes after me like she loves to read and write, her character is her own but very similar to her mothers and grandmothers who have and had hard characters to deal with at times.

But like I was saying I try to member when I was eight but cannot, but for many of you who read my blogs know I didn’t have the best childhood. I hope as a parent she will remember these times, but if we can’t show her pictures and videos, something many of us didn’t really have especially videos of those big events. My daughter will always be my little girl no matter now or until adulthood, Happy Birthday to my baby Mikaylah who is 8th year old. Love You.

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