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Happy Birthday Delia, To My Beautiful Wife

Today is my wife’s birthday and although I will not mention her age because frankly what women would appreciate their age posted online. I will say that since meeting my wife in 2008, it has been a true blessing. Yes, like any couple we have had our up’s and down’s, disagreements but nothing we couldn’t put past us. Over the years I have grown to love my wife more each day as my love is limitless. She has only given me love, understanding and patience all these years and we have grown as one person. These years do just fly by as we both age together raising our young daughter Mikaylah.

Like most of us we don’t like to age as our bodies slowly or rapidly depreciate but I wouldn’t have it any other way as we both grow older together. I can truly say that my wife and daughter have saved my life, but of course I give the glory to Lord Jesus for putting us together. Prior to meeting Delia I was alone and miserable and years prior I made choices that could have prevented me from being here today.

I know all birthdays may not be memorable for all us, but as her husband, I always tried to make it special with her traditional bouquet of flowers, a heartly meal, cake and to top it off Love, oh and gifts of course.  My wife is not a vain person with the expectation of expensive gifts and vacations but humbly only wanting the necessities food, shelter, and of course a nice hair style at the local stylist and she is happy. I know I lucked out with her and thank GOD each day I have her in my life.

Happy Birthday to my Love, my partner and the woman I thank God each day for putting her in my life. I know life is precious and none us know the day or hour of our passing, but until then I will love, appreciate my wife each day.

I love you my love and here is to many more years to come with peace and prosperity to you and your life.

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