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Happy Resurrection Day! and Easter for those who don’t celebrate

This weekend is particularly important to my faith as a Christian man. Celebrating Easter has always been apart of my life but didn’t always have the meaning it has today. Like many growing up Easter for kids meant the Easter bunny, eggs and mom’s cooking. It wasn’t until I got older when I gave my life to Christ and Easter had a whole new meaning.

I still like the fact that Easter incorporates bunnies, chocolate, spring. The Christian side of me knows that’s not what Easter is about that’s just plain consumerism at its best. Now that I am a father myself my daughter loves that part of Easter, but I have to remind her what Easter is truly about.

For those of you who may not know what Christians celebrate during this time we do call it Easter or Resurrection day, but most prefer to call this day Happy Resurrection day. This is day we celebrate the death of Christ’s death and rising from the dead. Christ or Jesus Christ born of a virgin and dying for all of our sins of the world.

Now I know that many may not believe that a man could die and come back from the dead, but Its true because he was part man part God and that was his sole purpose born to die you would say taking on all of our sins. To this day due to Christ’s sacrifice, we no longer have to fear death or going to hell because of Christ. He dead a painful excruciating death at the hands of Rome and those who hated Jesus for what he stood for.  Today is no different with those who don’t believe, who hate Jesus for what he stands for, but Jesus died for all of us even those we feel don’t deserve his forgiveness.

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This year has been particularly difficult since the last time I physically attended a church was right before the pandemic started and I am sure many will fill the pews this easter. Although I know the threat of COVID still exist its not as critical as it once was now that we have a vaccine.

One would even say how can you be a believer if you don’t physically attend a church and I say to those that my faith, my relationship is personal like all believers and although GOD calls us to be together God is forgiving and I know in time I will be back with my family as we once did. I do truly miss Easters especially when I used to attend the Sunrise service at the crack of five am service, it was incredible.

Today for Christians around the world is considered thy the most important event in history along with Jesus’ birth of course, but Easter is what really made it possible to allow our sins forgiven and have the hope of living in eternally with Christ. 

These are my beliefs and I know some may think or feel well I don’t believe in GOD, that god doesn’t exist, but I know that to be false because I have personally seen God work in my life and be there for me. I know I fail as a Christian many times sometimes daily, but Jesus forgives and forget casting our sins and failures into the deepest ocean.

At times it difficult to describe because to truly experience what Easter means you need to be open to Christ and why he dead. For many media even helps whether its watching a film like the “Passion of the Christ” which I highly recommend although nothing can compare to what Jesus went through in real life it is a beautiful yet gruesome picture of the pain he was inflicted with something that many of would have never been able to endure. If after watching just that film doesn’t do it for you, are plenty others made in the golden age of holiday with Charleston Heston in the ten commandments and so many others.

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During these difficult times lets take a step back and remember what is truly important to me Its Jesus Christ and his death that gave us a way to live in eternally once we die. For others this is a time to spend with family, have a picnic or eat a good meal but ultimately at the end of the day you give this day your full remembrance and not just think of it as another candy food fille day. It’s a day to appreciate life regardless of how tough it has been and I am sure this year has been tough but there is end one day. I choose to think that one day when my time comes to remember where I am going and who made it possible Jesus because he died for us, all of us.

Have a wonderful Easter and or Resurrection Sunday anyway you spend it.

God Bless,

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