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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there, today is your day although you deserve every day to honor the sacrifice to do for us and our children each day. Dad’s we will get our day next month so don’t fret.  For some this day is not a good day because of maybe your own inability to have children and for that I am sorry I can only imagine the pain you go through since motherhood is so appreciated but unappreciated at times. 

For many out there maybe you didn’t have the ideal Mother, maybe your mom was pretty crappy and for that I am truly sorry, motherhood is meant to be a beautiful thing between a son and daughter of love, compassion and patience in addition to much more.

My Mother

My Mother Linda who passed away in December 2015 will always be remembered for the love and sacrifice she gave to myself and sister. I can say my mother did not have an easy life even from the time she gave birth to me and my sister as it was a constant struggle just to survive, money was tight and encouragement was anemic from dad and her family with little or no support for her new role.

I think of all of the hard times she went through just to put food on the table, to clothe us and encourage us but he was difficult, she tried her best. Growing up I didn’t fully appreciate what she did for us, I guess you could say I was blind to her efforts as I was going through my own hardships and mistreating by people in my life. Getting older I was able to see what she did for us. Even in her final years she got very ill and eventually passed, I tried to be there for her and maybe I failed her in those final years trying to raise my own family with a new born and wife , but I know she knew I loved her and she loved me. One thing I am elated about is she gave her heart to the LORD Jesus so I know I will see her again one day and I feel she is always there for me watching from above with Lord Jesus.

Mother and Wife to our Daughter

The 2nd special mother in my life is my wife and mother to our daughter Mikaylah. Delia who has also made great sacrifices from the beginning as she stayed and cared for daughter from birth until she went to school as I worked for us.  Putting her own career and job aside knowing it has not been easy as we have struggled as family to keep things going financially, but deep down I am thankful for her being there always and thankful she could spend those years with our daughter which I find incredibly important despite our hardships.

Each day Delia grows as a mother who I pray one day Mikaylah will see how special her mother is although I feel she does at the young age of eight she may not always see it. Delia is an incredible mom and wife in my eyes who loves us so much and shows it every day. She works so hard in her job even though deep down she may not always like her job or feel appreciated in her job.

I work to make sure she feels valued and appreciated but I know I fail in that area in times. I am thankful to have a wife and mother of my child who will grow up with both loving parents. I thank God each day I have and had great examples of Mothers in my life. Wishing my wife Delia an incredible mothers day where she can enjoy a day of flowers, gifts and food to show our appreciation, but every mom should be appreciated every day not just one day a year.

Happy mothers day and God Bless to all!

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