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Happy Wedding Anniversary 11 Years of Love and Happiness

October 2nd marks 11 years of marriage to my beautiful wife Delia. I honestly can not imagine my life without her and thankful for her love and devotion to our marriage each day. I know no marriage is perfect and I am far from perfect to be the greatest spouse. I have changed over the years since first meeting her.

Having a family is no easy task but puts a lot of pressure on anyone to be sure everyone eats, has a place to sleep and at the end of the day there is still love in the marriage and family. To often the marriages survive don’t outweigh the ones that are breaking up.  We certainty live in a world of temptations, thinking there is a better man or woman out there for us making the decision to forgo our vows for better or worse, richer or poorer, through good times and bad. For my life GOD has been and will always be the center of our life and love.

Each day I look at myself, how I can be better; a better husband, father, son, brother and I know I fall short at times, sometimes spectacularly. I am in a constant state of comparison to better fathers, brothers and sons out there and I make it known to my wife there are better guys out there, but she still loves me the way I am. I know I have changed over the years; I am less soft to my attitude and tone at times compared to when we first met I was sweeter, gentler and more reserved.

Although I don’t know why marriages don’t last today, but much of the time I suspect there is strain of finances, personal and loss of faith.

Over the years I have seen my wife change so much into an incredible woman, who was always incredible but who only gets better, stronger and filled with more love than before especially since the birth of our daughter Mikaylah. I look forward to each day knowing she is there, remembering a time in my youth, that no women appeared to want me, desire me or feel I was worth their time, which I found quite hurtful.

 For many who have been married or are married maybe you look back not at what you could have had but appreciate what you have now and how that those out there were never meant to fill that void in your life and that at times we find that person and that times we don’t. Yes, It hurts remembering all the times I really looked for that special someone, although many will say you shouldn’t try to search for someone that they will come naturally, I find that a bunch of hooey at times although I understand it has happened, because it happened to me through a co-worker who introduced me to my future wife.

Each year we all get another year older, wiser hopefully and more in tuned to knowing each other better, because knowing each other is a lifelong process all to often people forget that in marriage. I think all to often people forget people are imperfect, some have more imperfections than others and many tend to change how to they feel about a person because of those imperfections.

My love continues to grow for my wife and of course our daughter looking forward to each day of marriage no matter how hard are days are but looking to see the beauty of a strong marriage built on love and appreciation.  I know deep down my wife deserves better, a better looking, stronger, better provider of a husband thinking the grass is greener for her out there for her because I know there are better men then me, I see it myself. Some may say well you don’t know that a lot of men appear better, better looking, better job, more money, better everything that doesn’t mean that can love, care for a wife and daughter like I do. I do work each day to give my heart, mind and body to my family to make sure I do everything in my power to provide for them.

Here’s to another year of marriage, of love and growing old together.

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