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Halloween’s of Yesterday and How I Remember This Day!

Happy Halloween everyone to those who celebrate and to those who don’t. Strangely I am someone who doesn’t really celebrate this day and its not completely because of my faith. You see growing up I was like most children and even young adults who celebrated by dressing up, going trick or treating and handing out candy. I loved to decorate the home for Halloween which included fake spider webs and a realistic dummy I would hang from our tree in the front yard.

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This is just an example, not my dummy but I did one similar to this.

Growing up with all the classic horror films Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Child’s play, Hellraiser and Gremlins (Yes this is a horror film) and many others and I can not forget IT.

Movies always being my escape into another reality from my own life as its amazing that I remember more about seeing movies then about my own childhood.

During those years I dressed up, I was a few different characters including Freddy Kreuger, Michael Myers, E.T., Michelangelo the Teenage mutant ninja Turtle, Jason and I was a killer clown, Gizmo from Gremlins and I believe I was He-Man.

As a Christian we are taught not to celebrate this evil holiday as it’s a day that gives honor to Satan and what it stands for. A time when Satanist worship their god and in pagan times would sacrifice babies on in honor of Baal.  I personally don’t just celebrate it for that but maybe Its difficult to fully separate myself from this day because I have a daughter who is eight years old. She personally has never had any real interest in this day herself and that could be because she doesn’t see mom and dad celebrate it which is fine. We still want to give her a choice and in years she has said she didn’t wish to dress up but loves when she is given candy.

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 One of my fondest memories of Halloween is that mom would take myself and sister to McDonalds on this day and get us our Happy meals that came with our plastic candy pail coming in a variety of colors and faces.

Mom always made a point to get us out of our own house of hell from the devil in carnet that we live with our grandfather.  I guess there was no point in celebrating Halloween because we were living in a hellish situation at times. There were also times when we would spend this day with our father when we would spend time at grandma and grandpas and technically his home too pigging out on Pizza, soda, and candy watching scary movies and playing Nintendo for the whole weekend.

I guess you could say I had a someone average childhood despite parents being divorced we didn’t miss out on holidays and those things a child should experience but it was still a sad time for myself as I always had to return back to the hell house.

Halloween does get me excited about what is to come in the coming weeks, one of favorite holidays Thanksgiving.

For those who celebrate today, dress up, hand out candy or just have a relaxing time at home remember these days even if they may seem not very important as I truly to think back on these days in my own childhood, looking at my daughter as she grows up so fast, I want her to remember these days.

Happy Halloween everyone, be safe, wear a mask and if you have a spooky mask where another one, LOL.

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