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This is Me! How Being the Fat Bullied Kid Changed How I viewed Myself and How Society views the Obese today.

I often think about what I have accomplished in this life of 42 years old. At times yes I am disappointed in my professional place in the world but am working on moving up each day, I just can never give up. One of major goals accomplished in 2021 in my weight loss. Losing more then 55 pounds and being the thinnest I have been ever. Why is this important, because for most of my life I was fat kid. The kid that everyone other then family looked down upon as they measured my self-worth by my pounds and the scale number.

The reality is living in this world we have split seconds to gauge someone’s worth by not even speaking with them just visual. Living in the United States we live in Obese world, but people in my opinion are not completely to blame.

We live in a fast-food nation of getting it quick, its too hard to cook and living on the cheap which is not always the healthiest. I should know because McD’s, Burger King and a slew of other fast food where and are my favorites at times. Even in the Fastfood world there are not really any healthy options even if they claim healthily, because of the amount of salt, fat and trans fats, add in the preservatives and in all honestly people wonder why people develop illnesses like cancer it could all be to what we eat.

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Growing up Mom did her best, she cooked for me and my sister, home cooked meals, but often times did not have portion control. I was bullied for my heaviness just like your typical movie where the fat kid gets beat up at school, picked on and mocked. In our adult life its no different as society pushes the perfect image of what you should look like today from influencers to celebrities.

Ill admit my family in general have struggled with our weight, it is a battle and part of it could be our genetics, as many people on my mother’s side suffer from weight issues. Now that doesnt take away the fact I love my family as is. But growing up, I often searched for someone like a girlfriend to love me back as an equal and often times my weight prevented that.

I know, I know Fat people find love too, but for me it was a different story, no one wanted me until I met my wife Delia which was in 2008 when I was in my late twenties, but until that point, I had no girlfriend, even in high school I was highly rejected which led me to have low self-esteem. My low self-esteem was primarily due to the fact that I grew up in a home with my grandfather who told me each day that I was a piece of shit, I was worthless which I believe late in life.

I will never claim I will never go back to gaining back the weight I fought hard to lose, but it could and if that was to happen, I need to accept myself, but I will sure try to keep it off and lose more if possible. My weight loss is not due to starving myself, but good old-fashioned exercise, eating better and less as we CAN ALL DO IT with a little motivation.

The sad fact is that I have grown to despise Fat people in a way, thinking they could easily work to lose the weight if they wanted to, but don’t. I know that sound really harsh and judgmental and its because losing weight has its benefits to more energy, looking and feeling better and people will respect you more and treat you more human.

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I know we all have our struggles in life and many of you will say who am I to judge, but really I am because I am the perfect example in a way of what life can be like to live heavy , which sad to say many of those who struggle with obesity can live shorter lives, even some of my favorite actors died so young like John Candy, which he should be alive today, but I believe his weight was a factor.

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I look to my daughter to teach her healthy habits so she doesn’t struggle like I have as she is only nine years old, at her age I was a porker, and she is fairly thin which is great, but I know my genes will carry over to her if she is not careful. I see so many fat kids today and its really sad parents allow their kids to get like that. Some of you may say well those kids are growing; they need more food.

Often times its what they are eating and no portion control for kids teaching them from a young age of what not to look like and what can happen if they are not careful, which is being despised by society for being fat. The pain of being Fat at a young age is real and hurtful because often times kids learn from a young age to value a person on their size, but really society teaches that too at a young age by what we see in media, movies and magazines that thin will always be in.

The whole love yourself as you are just unrealistic, because we have to depend on others to love us and treat us with respect and often times they will not based on the scale. Some of you may say I am wrong for my opinions, but I can speak only to my own story as if you have struggled with weight maybe you have had the opposite which is great for you.

Look at yourself in the mirror and if you are not happy with what you see, go out and change, eat less, exercise more get tough until you reach that goal of what you feel your ideal self looks like, I know I am now. I wish I had done this in my youth maybe I would be at a different place in my life , more successful because of that simple factor.

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This is me! and I will continue to work hard to be a better me in 2022, so what are you waiting for, go and be your best self NOW!

Some of you who read this may feel I am putting down the larger boned people and I am not, I just want us to be better and when I say us I mean weight challenged. I often think of Homer Simpson on the episode when he was fat and how people treated him.

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