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Happy Birthday Delia, My Beautiful Wife!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife. A woman I can truly say saved my life and continues to love me despite my flaws. I have known Delia since 2008 and married in 2010 and had our daughter in 2013. In 2008 when I met my life, I was beginning to get my life together due to spiraling out of control in 2007, a dark period in my life when my life almost came to an end due to my own hand.

For most my teen and adult years until I met my wife, I searched for the perfect women to fulfil my life. At the time I met my wife I was 28 years old. For most of my young adult life I was rejected by women, even though I was and am respectful towards women, women were not drawn to me probably due to my depression and my weight having struggled with being overweight most of my life.

My future loved my imperfections, and she was and is the first genuine person to see me to see my heart. For many years until her I was filled with anger towards not being given the time of day even by the simplest average women who in my opinion had my right to judge me so harshly but did. Yes we all have a choice in who we choose to love and spend time with but I could not have been that unlovable. Back then I was much sweeter, kinder and innocent.

I didn’t really appreciate myself back then and due to the years of searching I felt worthless, which is probably one of the reasons I tried to take my life. I know some of you may say well give a shit of a man or women thinks in my me, but I did. I guess I was looking for a connection to someone who eventually love and experience love with and it never came until one day.

The Beginning

I was working at a new company that I started recently and had a new co-worker name Shayna who I had a immediate friendship with. She introduced me to Delia her best friend. Delia is not like me as she was not even born in the US but El Salvador. At the time she spoke broken English but I understood her and immediately we had a real connection.  Eventually we spent more time together, dating and falling in Love.

We were not without our challenges even today, she was from a different world then me, but I still loved and appreciated her. She said she always prayed for someone like in her life, but never really went looking herself, we just fell together, GOD’s plan in both of our lives. I have not always been so kind to her and even today I’m not always kind, but I apologize to her for who I am. I will always love her, cherish her and appreciate her.

There was even a time early in our relationship I broke up with her, I was scared but I was also because her best friend Shayna had a great influence over her and I. Because you see at the time I met Delia, I met Shayna who became one of the closest friends I had at the time, but we are no longer friends and cut the friendship in 2015. Shayna truly worked to eventually destroy our relationship so that is the primary reason I had to cut the friendship for both of us, she was toxic.

Our LOVE Has only Grown!

Over the years we have grown as people, have had our major struggles especially financial that probably would have broken a marriage but we stuck together through the good and bad times, richer and poorer. She is truly part of me and I love her for that.

Each day I work to be better, a better husband and father and best friend to her, but I am not without my flaws, and I see them.

Maybe I shouldn’t dwell in the past and all those women who rejected me but its hard not to forget, but to each there own.

Today we rejoice in her Birthday, although she doesn’t want to remember her new age, but with her age I see her more beautifully.

I prayed GOD will bless her with more future years to celebrate in our life and marriage. I LOVE YOU DELIA! Happy Birthday.

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