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Happy Resurrection Day!

For those who celebrate Easter this is a special time for you. Although we as a world and country still suffer through this pandemic, we must not forget these days and what Christ did for us by dying on the cross.

For many you may just flip past this piece because you don’t believe in Jesus or even God, but there was a true physical GOD, who was Father, Son and Holy spirit who died for ALL of us on the cross of calvary.

I have to remember that each day I live this life that if I was to die tomorrow, I would have an eternal place to go because of JESUS, because he died for me a painful, excoriating death on the cross.

I live in the reality that I know people forget that everyday even so called Christians and although I am not here to judge I am here to remind you of what Jesus did and not to just remember on Easter but every day.

In America as I see it we are wrapped up with getting even, revenge and just pure hate which is the work of the devil obliviously. Jesus overcame and defeated the devil already and will continue to beat him until the end.

Today we live in divided America that no longer stands by the principles of the bible. For many will say we were NEVER a Christian nation but that is false and please make sure you tell Chris Columbus and the pilgrims because that is ingrained in our history of America which many choose to not remember. This piece is not to talk about the evils of Chris Columbus because I am sure he was but people did really come here to escape to be able to worship God in how they saw fit and not be told in how to worship GOD. I am thankful for those who came to America and made this a Christian nation. All of that has not disappeared completely, but if you watch television or follow social media many of those Christian leaders and political leaders who say they are Christians and follow Jesus display hate and ignorance which is Not what JESUS taught and goes against everything he stood for.

Jesus was LOVE and is Love which is what he would want us to remember today, because he died out of LOVE for all of us. As a Christian we are to follow Jesus example of love for each other but often times fail to do so because of our selfish beings, but still Jesus died for us.

This easter and resurrection day we want to remember the sacrifice Jesus took on himself for us and despite happening over two thousands years ago, the times are not all that different as we allow our country be ruled by immoral people full of greed and hate.

Let’s remember what Jesus said in Mark 10:18, “Why do you call me good? Jesus replied, “No one is good except God alone. You know the commandments: “Do not murder, do not commit adultery , no don’t steal, do not bear false witness , do not cheat others, honor your father and mother

Can we all stay we have NEVER done any of these things , some may say NO I have never done any of these things, then you would be a liar, because most of us have murdered with our tongue speaking about someone else. Murder does always mean we physically kill someone but can murder someone with our words.

Some of you may say what does this have to do with Easter. Its to remember despite our horridness as humans and what we do to each other every day, JESUS said died for us which is a huge sacrifice. If Jesus hadn’t died, we would ALL go to hell which exists and sad to say people still go to Hell every day for not believing in JESUS.

Again, I am not here to condemn you and tell you are going to hell, but Jesus paid the bill so we wouldn’t have to go to Hell but many choose to not believe and believe hell doesn’t exist, but all find out in the end once they leave this earth.

I encourage every person to watch the Passion of the Christ to give you a picture of what Jesus did and how he died. Although just a representation I think it’s a good one. Many of us would probably say we would die for those who love but can we really say that, would he die for the unlovable out there, the murders and rapists, killers and most would say No I would never die for them they deserve death and hell, but JESUS died for those people too especially if you look at those he shared the cross with like the thief on the cross.

I honestly can not say I would die for those unlovable people; I would die for my own family and that is the limitation of mankind ourselves and who we are invested in to die for but again Jesus died for ALL.

This easter and resurrection day lets remember how important and special this day is to many and mankind because of what Jesus did for you and I.

Many blessings this day to you and your family!

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