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We are a nation bully’s

Recently my wife came home upset from work due to bullying taking place at her work. My wife who is a little older than me has had to deal with bullying and discrimination at a major fast food corporation, you can only guess which one it is, but they have been in the news before and are represented by a famous clown: McDonald’s settles discrimination lawsuit with Herb Washington (

Devoted Mother and Wife

For five years my wife devoted taking care of our daughter full time while I worked and supported our family. After our daughter started attending kindergarten, she went back to work in 2018. From the moment she arrived she has been treated like a second-class citizen. At first she work tirelessly the graveyard shift for a year and then evenings but the culture of the company never changed but go worse.

It was only recently she was made a trainer which she fully deserves, why she stood around as the store made 18 year old’s managers who have done nothing but make her life hard with put downs, derogatory generalizations due to her nationality as a Salvadorian.

This employer is not a so-called equal opportunity employer as she has been made the official dishwasher and floor cleaner instead of working with customers, cashiering.

Generation Z’s and Millennials are a problem

Some of may say well what’s the big deal, it’s a job deal with it. The problem is there are about ten other lazy generation Z’s and Millennials who work with her, and they are not told to wash dishes, clean the floor.

Now some of you may take offense to me singling out certain generation and feel that every generation is a fault. But the reality is that those generations are known to be lazy, rude and disrespectful although many of you would say my generation X is just as guilty.

Unfortunately, we live in a world of bullies and worse yet we live in a country where division is caused by these bullies who feel their opinions override the rest of society but that is untrue. One could say well I wife could just speak up and she does but is considered and called difficult to defending herself.

I advise my wife we will find her another position soon to hang tight that all not employers allow bullying and discrimination like this one, but it does exist.

We are a country of bullies

We live a country of bullies that I believe will only get worse as we treat those who have immigrated and born here from different nations. I know many will say we are NOT a nation of hate, but I believe we built this country on a continue of Love and hate and its in our history that we hate those who are different, whether it’s a person’s skin color, sex, creed, religion and other differences.

We should NEVER stand for hate, discrimination and bullying in life and the workplace as corporations and businesses allow this terrible behavior to take place.

My wife has told other managers especially and she has been told to stay quiet, don’t say anything to the younger generation of workers and I have told her NEVER to be quiet, never just accept that treatment

This a message to bullies

This is message for you bullies to stop your bullshit and those who are affected by these bullies you should stand up to them. Fear not them nor the employer and stop allowing this behavior to take place in your life and workplace.

Some of you may fear the other person but you shouldn’t fear them. I personally have dealt with bullies most of life in school and a grandfather who bullied me every day. Bullies are weak despicable people who don’t deserve our respect and admiration.

I myself will never allow bullies to take advantage of me, mistreat me, disrespect me or my family and neither should any of you.

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