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Should I care about Abortion? Or is this just a sign of times to come.

I often look at the times today and see how I can adjust my perspective for myself and guide my family in having a realistic view of what is happening in society. Society is shit in all honestly as much as I hope for the better in humanity, I know its only getting worse.

The future of my child

I fear for my nine year old daughter who will one day be an adult in this rotten world , but hope that I train her right to have the right mindset for this world.

Growing up as a generation X’er I was taught to shut up and just do it as far as work, family and the alike. But the newer generations like Millennials and generation Z’s are taught differently. Actually most of these new generals are offspring of my generation I just happen to have had my daughter later in my life instead of early two thousands.

I could never be a parent in early two thousands, I felt I was a still a child myself, needing to mature into the man I am today. I didn’t want to be forced to grow up like so many have to do due to those kinds of responsibilities.  Scary to think during those years I was going to my mental health issues and to bring a child in the world at that time would have pushed me over the edge and further broken me mentally and financially.

Current events

I guess what brings up this topic in a way if the recent supreme court ruling of Roe Vs. Wade and how now states can choose how they wish to offer abortions in their states. Abortions will NEVER be eliminated as much as I would hope as a Christian, they didn’t exist they do. Even before abortions existed, women would take dangerous steps to eliminate a pregnancy themselves putting their own lives at risk, some I have heard would stick a metal hanger inside them to remove the fetus and cause an abortion.  I don’t agree with abortions and certainty GOD doesn’t believe in them either because its his life created and its ended without coming to full term.

This is not a topic I talk about regular and in all honestly, I don’t feel I have a right to tell women how treat her body, its her choice. Just like I wouldn’t want to be told you have get a procedure or do something with my body I didn’t agree with like cut off an important appendage.

Women are Angry and Rightfully so

Women are upset, angry and rightfully so because we live in a country that allows men and women to choose our fate and how we should live our lives, but that is wrong, our country is wrong. I wont go as far as saying that I hate America, because I don’t but we are on the wrong side of history that will have a huge ripple affect over our country and world.

These times that we live shouldn’t be a surprise to someone who believes in GOD, actually he already foretold this kind of thing would happen and it just means he is coming back again soon.

I look at my life today and think would I be here today if my Mom decided to terminate me and in all honestly would I blame her. My mother whom I love dearly had a very difficult life financially, personally and felt could have had a more fulfilling life maybe if she didn’t have me so young, which she was twenty years old. I know she loved he and she had me out of love , I am unsure of her religious beliefs that that time in her life but glad I am here today to experience and love my own family.

Abortions in Society and Culture

But I observed that abortions come off as being a all too casual event in our country that you can just go to a doctor and suck out the fetus. Other countries don’t have this ability and in some countries abortions are illegal.

I can not speak to why women do it, it could be because they are not ready for a child, yet if they made a choice to have sex unprotected then actually that unwanted baby is their fault and should have used protection. In cases of incest and or Rape that is completely different because women didn’t have a choice. Again those are horrible situations I cant even imagine what that must be like for that women, but does that make abortion ok, Honestly I don’t know.

I often think of the show Law and Order SVU and Olivia Benson who was a product of her mother’s rape was given life. She has struggled knowing her mother was raped and she was the result, but I think ultimately appreciates not being aborted and be allowed to live her life today with her own son.

Fictional reality

I know this is fiction and a TV show, but many women probably go through this today seeing the value in that child’s life and although it would be difficult to have a child being raped, I think a women should give birth to the child and just give it up for adoption as so many men and women want to have a child. Again I know it’s a personal choice for women to decide that and I can never imagine the fear they must be going through thinking about giving birth, but what if that women is surprised and wants to keep that beautiful child and raise him or her.

I can imagine that many of children aborted today and, in the past, maybe could have been something amazing. In my eyes those potential children were all amazing. What I mean is that they could have had a choice to do great things in this world but were not given the chance to.

These are things I think about during these times but know that in the United States I will continue to see the supreme courts decision in the news. I will continue to see the downward spiral of society and just the continuation and manifestation of anger and hate grow in this country. I choose to be positive, live in the reality of what is happening in our world as Men and Women decide each of fates in this world and country.

Gloom and Doom upon us

Don’t mean to so gloom and doom but that is how I see the world today as we allow men and women to choose our fate.

I am waiting for the day when what I right today will be considered illegal and that I can have no voice, similar to what I have seen and read in George Orwell’s “1984”.

Difficult times are upon, even though we do see a lot of fear mongering going on in the media and Television to scare society into submission and we mustn’t submit to society and the culture. Yes powerful men control things and that is by design as we have allowed it, as the ruling of Roe Vs. Wade is one example.

Keep the good fight up and never give up!

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