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RIP Lily – Doggie Heaven Awaits (2007 – August 2022)

Goodbye old friend. Yesterday August 19th 2022 at 8:00 PM was a sad day as I lost a piece a piece of myself, her name was Lily and she was our family dog. Lily who was in the family since 2007 having personally picked her out for my mother whom is no longer here herself having passed in 2015.

Lily had a good heart, loved our family and was in our family during times when we needed love the most having. During this time in my life, I was going through some incredibly difficult times having attempted suicide that year living back at the house of hell with my grandfather who would visit his niece Margie and his sister Lola who at the time their dog just had puppies. Lilly was a runt, small and strange looking with her long slender legs and she had a funny face. This was also a time our other three dogs Kevin, Winne and Wrinkles were older senior dogs at this point. Lilly full of energy gave some happiness to our already depressing home.

Mom’s Best friend Til the End

My mother loved Lilly from the beginning and slept her last days caring for her and in my opinion giving my mother going in life having something to care since my sister and I eventually no longer lived in the Devils home.


After Mom passed away the devil took her from our family and we didn’t see her for a while, but my sister made it a point to get her back. When my sister did get her back, she was in horrible shape, very thin, mal-nourished, dirty and mistreated. It took a good year for Lilly to recover and be herself again. At this time in our life it was around 2016, another time in my life that we were really struggling living in my fathers home, the same home I attempted to take my life in.

Every Girl Needs a Dog

Lily spent a great deal of time with my daughter Mikaylah at the time who was around four years old and she loved her. Lily stayed with us at all times, sleeping in our room at time, being our protector from the dark spirits that lurks at night often barking and warning us evil was in our bedroom. Lily at this point was considered a older dog, but still fully of energy.

When we left in 2018, we left Lilly with our father who cared for her at that point becoming a friend to him and Lily grew to love my father and so did my father.

When my father finally sold the family home moving in with my sister, bringing Lily of course giving the home a sense that my mother was still around since my mother loved Lily.

Lily Was always there

I am thankful for Lily as she was a dog who only loved us even though she could be annoying at times over barking at everything but at this moment in life I know I will miss her deeply and remember her along with my other family members like my other dogs from my past. RIP Lilly. If there is a doggie heaven I am sure your there now and if Dogs do end up in Heaven with people I am sure my mother Linda is there with her now saying hello once again!

2007 – August 19th 2022

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