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Thirteen Ghost and Their Back Stories

I have often had an interest in the paranormal especially the spiritual world. Growing up as a child I had experiences with the spiritual world. I truly believe to this day that an evil entity attempted to take my life back in 2007 causing me to attempt to take my life. An earlier experience, I was probably around ten years old, I remember I would attend 1st Baptist church with my grandparents and father.

Often, I would not go to Sunday school but wander the church while the service was going on. I would go up to the second-floor office when it was empty, look around and play. I would play in the baptism pool it was empty of course, but one time was particularly frightening.

My sister and I was walking around, and she was about seven years at the time and I was looking up at the second floor window when I stated as a joke “I Love the devil”. Lo and behold I looked up and could see a demon as clear as day standing at the window looking down at me smiling. It did appear as the devil that many of us are used to as having long horns, red, ugly. With a blink of the eye he was gone.

My other experiences included when I lived with my wife and daughter in my fathers’ old home. This home was our family home purchased by my grandparents.

I lived with my family a few year ago but experienced many activities such as footsteps, sounds and even a loud pounding on our bedroom door in the middle of the night.  I would often be angry, and my wife would experience great illnesses there along with a shadow figure which would cause sleep paralysis to my wife.

My wife would hear whispers of conversations going on, a phantom baby crying at night. Often the smoke detectors would go off and on randomly, Televisions would turn off by itself and there were knocks, usually in threes.

I am fascinated by paranormal shows like Ghost Adventures and Dead files. I have recent discovered Dead Files. What is particularly interesting about Dead Files is the two investigators medium Amy Allan and retired detective Steve DiSchiavi.

The two investigators mostly investigate homes of those who are experiencing extreme activity similar to what we went through and often worse. What really has got me thinking is what lurks in the night or day , in the shadows that we cannot see. I believe we live in a spiritual world that exists.

I believe spirits pretty much just want to be left alone but that can be difficult because they dwell in places occupied by people like homes, businesses and others places.

There are also other forms of media like movies as I think of the film “The Others” and “13 Ghosts” which surprisingly came out in 2001 around the same time. As a child I watch movies like the Craft and other films. I know films are not always realistic, but they do get one thinking.

I am thinking about 13 Ghosts and the evil spirts that made up the film. The movie which is a remake of a 1960’s film tells the story of a ghost hunter Cyrus Kriticos and his psychic assistant Dennis Rafkin lead a team on a mission to capture a spirit called Juggernaut.

Several men, including Cyrus are killed while the team is able to catch the ghost. Cryus’s nephew Arthur a widower, informed that he has inherited his uncle’s estate. At a point of financial ruin moves his family to the home which is a mansion. The home entirely made of glass. Within the house are twelve angry ghosts imprisoned in the house. A mechanism within the home triggers and seals the home and releases the ghosts.  The twelve ghosts and their back stories include the following ghost.

The First-Born Son (Young Billy)

As a ghost , Billy is still in his cowboy outfit, with an Indian feather on his head and holding a tomahawk, the arrow that killed him still protruding from his head. He is always heard whispering “I want to play” when he’s nearby.

Billy was the first ghost captured by Cryrus and the first ghost in the Black Zodiac.

The Bound Women (Susan LeGrow)

Susan had a privileged life and was a member of her school’s cheerleading squad. Her parents were the richest in town, thus making her the most popular.

During her senior year, Susan dated the captain of school football team, Chet Walters. When Chet caught Susan with another boy on Prom night, he clubbed the boy to death before tying Susan up and strangling her with his tie, breaking her neck. He buried her body under the 50-yard line of the school football field.

Susan’s buried corpse was discovered two weeks after her death. Susan’s spirit remained bound to earth and later captured by Cyrus.

The Angry Princess (Dana Newman)

An incredibly beautiful women but was unable to recognize her beauty. Her self-loathing and low self-esteem from which doctors tried to save her from was only fueled by a series of abusive boyfriends and led her to having breast implants, nose jobs and other unnecessary procedures.

One night, while Dana was alone in a clinic where she worked, she tried to perform surgery on herself due to imaginary imperfection on her face, but the procedure goes wrong, leaving her blind in one eye.  She then gave up on beauty and committed suicide in her bathtub by slashing herself with a butchers knife until she bled to death.

Following her death, Dana’s spirit is bound to earth with a hatred of people. Soon captured by Cyrus to become the angry princess.

The Torso (Jimmy Gambino)

Jimmy Gambino was obsessed with gambling and would spend his days at the track instead of at school and his nights gambling in seedy bars. Jimmy eventually opened his own booking business, although he was barely to make his payoffs because of his compulsive gambling. Jimmies inability to turn down a bet eventually caught the attention of mobster and “made man” Larry “Finger” Vatelo, who bet heavily on a boxing match. Jimmy agreed and sealed his fate. When Jimmy’s fighter was defeated, he fainted.

When he awakened, Larry and his gang arrived to collect Larry’s winning from Jimmy. But because Jimmy was cleaned out, instead they cut Jimmy’s body up wrapped in pieces of cellophane and dumped the body in the ocean.

Following his death, Jimmy’s spirit remained bound to earth and was captured by Cyrus.

The Jackal (Ryan Kuhn)

Born to a prostitute at some point in 1887. Growing up to develop a sick, uncontrollable taste for women. As he a result he became wild and cunning, sexual predator, attacking, raping and murdering strays and prostitutes in the dead of night like a wild animal.

Seeking treatment, Ryan committed himself to Borinwood Asylum, where he eventually went insane. Scratching his cells walls violently, tearing off his fingernails completely off, making his hands claw like.

When Ryan attacked a nurse , the doctors decided to put him in a straitjacket and tightened it whenever Ryan acted out, contorting his limbs horribly. However Ryan gnawed through it, so the doctors locked Ryan’s head in a cage-type helmet and locked him in the dark basement cell. This is where he grew to hate any human contact, cowering and screaming madly whenever anyone approached.

When a fire broke out at the asylum, while everyone escaped, Ryan choose to stay behind and meet his deserved fate, dying in the fire.

After death, Ryan Spirt bound to earth, captured by Cyrus.

The Hammer (George Markley)

An Honest, hardworking blacksmith, until a racist man named Nathan wrongfully accused George of theft and threatened to banish him from the town they lived in . Knowing he was innocent, George stood up to Nathan and refused to move, causing Nathan and his gang to one day beat George’s wife and children to death to send him the cruel message to move or else he would suffer the same fate as his family.

Enraged, George tracked down Nathan and his friends brutally beating him to death with his sledgehammer. When the town discovered what George had done, they dragged him back to his shop where they tied him to a tree and drove railroad spikes into his body with his own sledgehammer slowly killing him.

Then as a finishing touch, sadistically racist townsfolks cut off George’s hand and fixed George’s sledgehammer in its place.

The Torn Prince (Royce Clayton)

Born in 1940 discovered to be a gifted baseball player in high school, despite his attitude problems and superiority complex. As a destine, all star player, he was offered first-class scholarships from various colleges, all of them offering the best opportunities to leave his small-town life.

At 17 years old, a greaser named Johnny challenged Royce to a drag race, but unbeknownst to Royce, had cut the brake line in his car prior to the event. This of course caused Royce to lose control of the car, resulting in an accident tearing a large amount of flesh off his chest as well as the right side of his face. This incident quickly ended Royce’s life.

After death

Royce’s body was buried in a plot of earth overlooking the local baseball diamond where he played. Following his death, his spirit bound to earth, later captured by Cyrus to become the Torn Prince.

The Pilgrimess

During the Colonial times Isabella Smith sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to New England in search of a better life, but the tight-knit townsfolk didn’t trust outsiders and Isabella became isolated from the rest of the town.

When the town’s livestock began to die mysteriously, shortly after her arrival , Isabella was accused by the local preacher of witchcraft. She denied the claim, but when the preacher fell ill, the town quickly turned against her and corned her in a barn. They lit the structure on fire, But Isabella emerged unharmed.

Instead of a quick death, Isabella was sentenced to a slow, painful death in stocks, where kids stoned her, women cursed at her and men spat at her until she eventually died of starvation weeks later.

Following her death, Isabella’s spirit was bound to earth and her spirit was later captured by Cyrus to become the Pilgrimess.

The Great Child and Dire Mother

Born to Margaret Shelburne as a result of rape by the Tall Man. Harold was raised in a carnival as an attraction and his mother’s protector. Because Margaret never stopped spoiling him, Harold not only weighed 300 pounds by his later years, but somehow retained his child-like mindset his entire life to the point that he never grew out of diapers. Harold and Margaret were taunted and teased at every turn.

One day, some circus workers kidnapped Margaret as a cruel joke on Harold. In a rage-fueled search for his mother, Harold ransacked most of the carnival, but when he found her , she had already suffocated in the bag the works had kept her in. Enraged  Harold kills the circus workers responsible for Margarets death, killing them with an axe as well as some of other freaks, not knowing they weren’t actually responsible and put their remains on display for paying customers.

When the carnival broker Jimbo found out of what Harold had done, he ordered an angry mob to confront and execute Harold.

Following Margaret and Harold’s death, both bound to earth and later captured by Cyrus.  

The Dire Mother

Margaret grew up to be a mere three feet in height and sometimes her own mother would dress her up like a doll. She could never stand up for herself because of her pint size and was constantly stared at and picked on as a result. Seeking acceptance, Margaret joined Jimbo’s carnival, but found this life as an attraction for people to google at just as horrible.

While Margaret was sweeping up a donkey pen one night, another freak called the Tall man and raped her, causing her to become pregnant and give birth to her son Harold. Margaret never stopped spoiling Harold keeping him in diapers his entire life and retaining his infant mindset, but Margaret didn’t care.

Margaret was kidnapped by carnival workers as a cruel joke suffocating in the sack they kept her in.

The Juggernaut

Horace was abandoned by his mother, almost immediately after birth, raised by his father. As a child Horace grew to such a grotesque height and appearance was constantly ostracized and spend his childhood as an outcast.

Mr. Mahoney put Horace to work in his junkyard chopping and crushing up old cars. When Mr. Mahoney died, Horace was left alone and finally with no one to guide him, went insane as a result. He became a serial killer picking up hitchhikers and stranded motorist to take back to his junkyard. There he would rip them apart with his bare hands and feed their remains to his dogs. This preferred method of murder was what earned him the nickname “The Breaker”.

Horace’s seventh to be victim turned out to be an undercover police officer, who had swat team surround the junkyard and arrest Horace. However Horace was able to break free of his handcuffs and killed three police officers before he was gunned down by five SWAT officers. They then added one final volley of shots into him, “Just to be sure” that he was dead.

After death, Horace’s spirit was bound to earth and haunted the junkyard, brutally killing anyone who would enter. The caused the junkyards death toll to rise to over forty by 2001.

Cyrus and his team including Dennis arrived at the junkyard sometime in 2001 to capture Horace’s ghost to become the juggernaut. They use blood and a tape recorded latin chant played across a megaphone to successfully draw the juggernaut into his containment cube. But not before he kills much of Cyrus’s team.

The Withered Lover (Jean Kriticios)

Jean was the loving wife of Arthur Kriticos and the mother of their children , Bobby and Kathy Kriticos. Jean loved her family deeply, but tragically lost her one night when she and Arthur were sleeping in front of the fireplace , a stray log rolled out and set the Christmas tree on fire; quickly starting a house fire. Arthur unintentionally left Jean to save Bobby and Kathy assuming Kathy was outside but was actually inside Jeans left side of her face burned and body horribly burnt by the fire. Taken to St. Luke’s hospital where she died from her burns.

Six months following her death, Jean’s spirit remained bound to earth , later captured by Cyrus. In spite of being burned alive, Jean was the only ghost out of the twelve quite innocent and kind.

Although fictional, looking at these twelve ghosts the back stories seem plausible think of these souls who were very much like you and I. Some seemed only wanting to live their lives, but some were not even allowed to do that. Some of these souls were unstable, crazy, insane and downright murderous.

I think about the Dead file and how there are spirits that literally lurk outside our doors, inside our homes who look to do incredible harm to you and I even getting us to the point of harm ourselves and other people.

Many who have never had any experience with the dead would understand and I think that is a good thing. The spiritual world is not something to mess with but often people attempt to contact the dead, using spirit boards and seances which tends to bring spirits that wish to only do harm, even demons.

Films tend to sensationalize demons, ghosts, aliens and spirits, but this is truly no joke. The reason I wrote this piece is because I truly always wondered the back stories to these ghosts, having seen the film in 2001 and having watched it over a hundred times.

I believe all spirits should be moved on to not torment the living and either go to Heaven or hell Some do belong in hell.

Hopefully these backstories allow you to have more appreciation for the dead and those stories because no matter what we all will die at one point, hopefully you are not one of those who haunt people and can move on in death.

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