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Happy Resurrection Day 2023 – He is Risen!

Happy Resurrection Day or Happy Easter for those who do not celebrate that Christ has risen. This day is incredibly special to me and should be to many of us, but I understand that many do not believe and can not believe that a man can rise from the dead and save us from our sins but I do believe.

Some who read this may say , well that’s you , that’s not me. Christians are a bunch of hypocrites who spread hate and division, at least that is what I see in the media.

I will say that all people including those who love Christ can and are hypocrites because we are imperfect and sinners, but its Jesus who saves us in the next life.

I know personally I have never physically seen JESUS, but I know he exists and existed as a real person , who is Father, Son and Holy spirit in one.

Jesus suffered an insufferable death, beaten beyond recognition. We often say that we would die for others, our family members, our kids , even a perfect stranger, but truly would we sacrifice ourselves, If history proves anything many would not. Many would justify it by saying why should I do for another person I don’t know, when I have my own family to worry about. Yes there are those who bravely defend others and die as a result. But JESUS knew he was going to die, he was born to die for our sins.

Imagine being born to die , that you knew you would not grew up to be old,  possibly not have a family or career, would you still accept your death. I can not compare myself to GOD and JESUS one in the same, because JESUS is GOD and GOD is JESUS.  I am just a man , flesh and bone, who will die, but when Jesus died, he died so when I died I had a place for my soul to go, not to hell but to eternity in heaven, THANK GOD!.

For those who do not believe, please do not mock those who believe, actually I encourage you read the bible , understand that we were and are born sinners meant to go to HELL, a true place that exists, a place of torment and pain. Sadly, many people reject God, ignore Jesus although in many cases he is around, there are believers around who work to share the gospel with people, but people often reject Jesus.

Jesus loved every man, women and child, EVERY!. Some would say how can god love me if I am this way, no matter you are gods creation made from LOVE although the world rejects you, you are loved by GOD and you have a place in heaven if you believe in him, which for many is almost impossible because many wish to live in SIN believing in the lies of the world that if you die you will be ok, that heaven and hell do not exist, but that is a lie by devil and yes the devil and his minions , his demons exist to confuse us, but we shall not all them to, because JESUS died and beat the grave and devil.

I am by no means perfect, I sin today and I seek GOD’s forgiveness each day and he forgives me. GOD will forgive us and takes us to heaven on our last breath. One of the most painful things to watch is what Jesus may have gone through in crucifixion having watched the Passion of the Christ, unable to imagine the pain he went through, personally we have would have died with the first strike, but Jesus endured on the cross dying and rising again, rising.

I often think about death a lot, my own death unsure when that will be , but taking great comfort to know that I will be in heaven on day. Can you be confident where you are going when you die, scary to think if you are unsure, put your faith in JESUS.

Thinking of the thief on the cross next to Jesus at his crucifixion, the thief having faith on the cross as Jesus took him to paradise, only GOD can do that. The thief didn’t earn salvation, but “Today you will be with me with Paradise” was Jesus’s words. His love and mercy are available to ALL of us.

This easter let’s remember you are loved, even if you believe it or not, JESUS loves you and wants you to get to know him so one day you can be in heaven with him.

I want to wish everyone a blessed Easter regardless of who you do or who you spend time with.

God Bless,

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