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Happy Mother’s Day 2023

Happy Mother’s Day!

This day holds a special place in my heart even though my own mother passed away in December 2015.  But her impact left me forever changed. I do of course wish she was here today, but deep down I know she Is in a better place, HEAVEN. My mother named Linda born in August 1959, was only 56 years old when she passed, too young in my eyes, but getting the chance see her only granddaughter born, my daughter Mikaylah. My mother who sacrificed so much for my sister and I, supporting us the best she could knowing it was incredibly difficult or her especially financially. Raised with grandfather, who my mother sought years into her adulthood often verbally abused my mother and myself making life difficult, but mom again kept a roof over our head, fed us and made sure we had everything we needed.

It was my belief my mother had a difficult life even from a young age until the day she passed. I of course know she was always there for me, listening to my issues in life, my celebrations, and milestones in life.

The other women in life are my wife Delia and the mother of our daughter Mikaylah. A woman who each day sacrifices, provides love and kindness to me and our daughter. I honestly don’t know where I would be today without my wife’s love.  I could think of no better mother then my wife who is an incredible mother, providing a true example of a loving mother and wife. I know she worries about being a good mother to our daughter, raising her to be a decent human filled with compassion and love for others and herself. Each year Delia grows to be a better mother, person and wife and I Love her dearly.

What more can we say to but to thank GOD for mothers and fathers too, but father’s day is another post.

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