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Inspiration for Great Writing

Writing takes a lot of inspiration and time to get down to a story, an image, an idea that I love and your audience will love. When it comes to my writing I don’t always get the opportunity to work in silence, which I know is the best way. I work full time, have a wife and daughter. I guess could write late at time or early in the morning, but I haven’t gotten to that discipline yet.

When I do write Music is a great way I get inspired, I have found that for some reason Opera works for me, just being able to hear about the tones, sounds , as if a story is playing out as I listen. Most who write know that there is a zone that you get into and once you get started its hard to stop afraid to lose that idea or train of thought because the story is playing out as you write.

Then interruptions come and the story becomes lost, the idea, pivotal points that you wanted to share. I believe when you write, the story is alive at that point, if its a short story you write in an hour or a book who the story continues until you finish, those characters, situations and lives live. Right now I am in the middle of my first book, approximately about 313 pages of fiction. Being that is my first real attempt at a book, I truly hope the story is be good, realistically if I said great I may be setting myself up for failure.

I know that my first real attempt may not be very good, I am not an English major, so once I get to editing I know there will be a lot I will need to change, update or just take out completely. When I write, I write, leaving the idea of being to confined to a story , but allowing inspiration to take over me, because I feel if you get to stuck on one particular premise in writing you limit yourself to sticking to that story and not allowing it to grow and manifest into something better.

I know there are plenty of writers that will stick to a game plan, brain-storming, creating plots before hand, making sure every detail is covered. I hear authors like R.L. Stein are very meticulous about the stories and books he writes. I guess If I was as successful as R.L stein with the amount of fame , wealth and prestige as him, I would have the ability to have a plan. I am not a full time writer, but that would be great if I could. If the heavens open up and allow me to do that, wonderful, but at this point I would settle to finish my book, make into a readable enjoyable piece and move on to the next book and build and create stories and an identity to be a great writer.

I encourage those who want to write start small, write something with a 100 words, than 200 and go on from there and if you feel inspired, keep writing. Many will say what do I write about, write about anything that gives you passion, it could be anything. I continue to be inspired daily, even when it’s difficult, I believe life imitates art and the stories in you someone will want to hear, go for it.

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