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The Paranormal in Writing

The realm of the paranormal is an area I find most interesting and in today’s culture there is no lack of film and writings taking place today. I think that is so important to continue to discover what that world entails. Many will say leave the dead alone and in most part of agree. I believe there is a spiritual realm that exists, but you will find many who only wish to make a quick buck or get a quick thrill and not take the subject seriously.

I believe in writing its fantastic that we can imagine what goes on around us, who is walking about and the stories of those looking to pass on. I have had a few experiences in my life times of dealing with spirits especially living in my last family home which I grew up in for most of my life. I didn’t really start to be sensitive to that around me until I was older, but it’s real.

My family and I would experience knocks on the door, typically three, walking in the kitchen and one of the most frightening time a violent bang on the door and lastly a time I heard a voice speak, which I thought it was my wife but they were sound asleep. As a child I always had a interest in the paranormal, that could be partly because my father allowed me to watch scary movies at such a young age, which I don’t recommend.

In writing there can definitely be beautiful stories to be told, the story of a love, the passing of one that doesn’t wish to leave but continues to love from the grave and beyond, never really leaving that person. For many they probably would not want that, but for some maybe, especially imagine having someone in your life for decades like a parent or spouse and you wanting them to be near all the time. I thought I would want that when my mother passed and at first I thought I would sense her, but really had to rely on my belief that I would want my mother to pass on to the next life and not be stuck.

Over the years when it came to paranormal love stories, we revert to great movies like Ghost to show there are those we leave behind that may still need something. Personally I don’t know if I would want to haunt my wife and daughter or anyone for that matter, but it goes to show you the strong will of our spirits to keep going even after death.

Personally I have watched some of the reality shows like Ghost Adventures, trying to reach out to those who wish to stay and haunt, I am a bit of skeptic in those situations because I know many times it’s for entertainment value, but there are true cases of those who wish not to leave, because maybe they died angry full of hate or sadness.

I truly would love to write about the love of someone living in the spirit world trying to help those who are living, continuing their love story. I am very interested in those stories that pass centuries and decades of that spirit still continuing to haunt a certain place for whatever reason. It just goes to show you our individual spirits are strong, that we as people do everything we can to leave our footprint here on earth, but once gone are unfortunately forgotten which is is natural.

I find the history who where spirits dwell even more fascinating, asking myself the question, why don’t they move on, what is keeping them here, what hurt or pain did they experience in their life. For those who write paranormal stories, I would love to read it.

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