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Weekly Feature #17, Stories From a Childs Past: The Evil Queen and the Dragon

Welcome to this Weeks Weekly Feature number #17, Stories from a child’s past, Stories unearthed from my childhood. These stories I am sharing as a young child I had and continue to have a love for writing.

The writings so far seemed to be when I was in between the ages of ten to thirteen. Many of the examples I provided do have typos, run on sentences and grammatical errors so don’t be surprised if see those.

As a young writer I just loved to write, putting aside punctuation, good sentence structure and my English teach would probably be lecturing me right now, you may want to lecture me, but know this is where my love began.

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The Original Story

The Evil Queen and The Dragon Transcribbed

Once upon a time lived the meanest queen in England she was so mean that she hit people with wipes and other horrible things and there lived this guy Joukanaien, and eh was a mean person and wanted to kill the meanest queen. He wanted to kil her because he wanted to be nice and not evil and there was a dragon living in a cave near by the big castle and there was this women who had the longest hair that you could climb down on, but she couldn’t, but the dragon saved her and brought her down and the dragon killed the guy name Joukahienen and the Queen and the girl with the longest hair was the queen of the castle. The end.


This Story is fairly straight forward and a story that details a Queen, an evil queen at that who also lives in England. The Evil queen was obliviously hataed especially by one Evil man named Joukanaien. Joukanaien wanted to kill the queen for the only reason so he could become good. Amazing to see that someone who blames his evilness on someone else but I can say there is a story there. Also with an evil queen and Joukanien, there was also a women with long hair. That women who most likely is Rapunzel and she lived in a tower and couldn’t climb down. There was also a dragon who decided that he or she would save Rapunzel and Kill both Joukanien and the Evil Queen making Rapunzel the queen of the castle. The end.

What it all Means

This story is a fairytale of a story I must have read like many my age of Rapunzel, Dragons, Evil queens and just evil people. Another story that goes to escaping but couldn’t. The dragon who many would consider evil was actually her savior in this case. If you have read some of my other stories I often was looking for a way out from my life of hell living with my grandfather. Although my mother was my protector like she should be, I often still needed to get out.

Most likely my grandfather represented the evil queen who I honestly wish would just die and we could live our lives in peace. In essence I loved fairly tales they were an escape from reality seeing many characters suffer and have a happy ending which is would I hoped for back than.

My Weekly feature series is quickly coming to an end as I will need to see how many of these stories I have left, I am hoping I can reach 20 to round out my childhood writing but if not, I feel I have provided a lot of great childhood stories giving you a glimpse into my life as a child and my mind.

Thank you for joining me this week! Until next week Ta Ta.

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