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Happy New Year, Self Reflection and New Beginnings

The New Year is almost here 2020, Wow! What a year 2019 has been in a good and bad way, but I guess not every day, month or year can be perfect, believe me I have had a lot worse. As someone who is a self-reflector of 2019, I can say that I have definitely grew a lot at least I think I have learned. This year I have the honor of working for a good company that allowed me to learn skills that no one can take from me and then unfortunately I lost that job.

Life Events That Change You!

This company I was with since February 2018 until November 2019 and I can say it was a year and a half of hard work, struggles, growth and learning, but in the end, it didn’t turn out the way I hoped. I definitely learned some personal lessons about wising up in the workforce who to trust and how to adjust my learning style in learning new skills.

Since November I have been unemployed which has been hell because I don’t like staying home searching for work that was a painful part of this test and trial. I did get to spend more time with my family which was nice and trying to remain positive in this hardship was not easy. At times I did take my frustration out on my family over this difficult time.

I actually lost two Positions this year and the second one was with Mt. Sierra College where I taught for over eight years due to the school closing due to financial reason a total unexpected change as I can honestly say many of those I worked with were my friends who I had known for years going back as far as 2010. I still miss the school as it happened in June.

In addition to learning new skills on the job I made other strides to self-improvement one which included take courses online in Python and web design to give me stronger understanding in coding, web design and understanding XML which is the language I was using at my recent employer. I can honestly say that learning to code was fun, but I just need to put into practice which is something I have difficultly doing because although I followed step by step approaches to coding it will honestly take me wanting to build or create something to put those skills to the test.

Mt. Sierra College Closed Permanently June 2019 due to Fiscal difficulties, my home for 8 years teaching.

My Writing Journey Re-started

The other major step I took was to my writing this year which I am so proud of both in my Blog which many of you are now reading to my First Book which I am right in the middle of editing as we speak hopefully finishing it in 2020. The creation of the book in addition to working towards creating a platform on Twitter and Facebook has been fun as well meeting writers like myself who have the drive and passion to create works of art.

The End of an Era

There were also a lot of other personal changes this year one being the selling of my fathers home in South Los Angeles which I can say was my childhood home but not my only home. This home had both good and bad memories intertwined as this was the house I lived with my father and grandfather from the age of 19 to about 26 and then with my family, wife and daughter from 2014 until 2018. This house in my eyes had a horrible energy that brought me a lot of pain as I personally believe spirits dwelled there and it affected my mental health, but due to the fact I was going to major hardships financially and work related it had no choice but to run to that house.

Major Changes also included my sister moving closer to where I live now so we have her closer to not only spend time with us but be a support if we need anything along with father too and her Husband.

New Blessings for 2020

The new Year is about to start even greater as I have landed a position that starts January 13th, so YAY! I am excited for this opportunity and its even close to home which is even better.  I am thankful during this time to GOD who has never left my side even thought it felt quiet at times as he was working in my life, my Wife and Daughter for her support, my sister of course, father, her husband and the very few friends who prayed for me and talked me down some ledges over my hardship at times.  Losing one’s job is never easy as it was not by choice. I was pretty upset when this happens as it was unexpected, and it was a good income and benefits.

The other Major announcement is I also landed a Part time Sub teaching role for another school which a position that has potential to additional income and opportunities, but this position will be on call so not every day, but hopefully in time I can provide my worth and be asked to teach regularly.

The sting of losing two positions this year not by choice still bothers me immensely but I am trying to believe this all has a purpose for my life which I will see soon. I am grateful and thankful for allowed the opportunity to work and know its getting more difficult as I get older, so each position I genuinely look for positions where I can have long term growth and stability for me and my family.

New year to restart and do overs encouraged

The new year is a fresh start to start over, but it also means growing older as I just celebrated my 40th Birthday in December a reminder how fast time flies as I feel like I just graduated college a few years ago but it was actually many many years ago. 2020 is the year I hope to learn new skills in a different industry, build on a strong relationship with GOD, be kinder to my family, pay down some debt that I have, Lose weight by being disciplined in the Gym and continue my writing, reading new books and just growing myself in the new year.

New Perspectives due to Hardships

During this time of not working has given me new perspective on things like finances, what’s important in my life, what I want in the new year and so much more I probably haven’t thought of. I am very thankful for my followers which is YOU! My followers on Twitter who listen to be rant and rave about nonsense sometimes or many times.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Gutierrez Family

God giveth , God Take a way for reasons only he knows about for his purpose alone and who am I to question him but to only ask what am I too learn from this experience, this trial and test.

Make it a Great One!

Here’s to 2020, may it be exciting in a good way, prosperous and to new growth! Wishing all of you the same in the new year, be safe, happy and only try to be you. I encourage you to reflect on 2019, how you were grew, your hardships, failures, successes and how you can make the new year better. Some of you may not be thinking about this right now, but I encourage you to remember what is important in your life, is it Family, your career, money, whatever it may be we can strive for better in the new year and no one can stop you.

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