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Fear is Taking Hold, Don’t Let It Take Hold of you!

The world as we know it is in chaos right now due to COVID-19 as many living in fear of catching this terrible virus the orientated from China. During these times many are forced to work from home, something that can be great for many but lack of interaction we tend to lose in the process.

I will be not only working 8 hours a day but also teaching my course all at the comfort of my apartment. In addition I am also with my family, my wife, daughter and currently my mother in law is staying with us, so you can say its a full house literally.

Living in California we are definitely a hot stop for the virus due to demographics of people from all over the world as our neighbors, so we need to be especially cautious. I do live in fear in a way because you never know who may have the virus and pass it myself and I could easily pass to my family. I would be ok if this was some type of curable flu but its not it affects the lungs which can lead to death like so many have already.

During these times humanity really goes to hell as people start to horde supplies, food and even guns. You really see the worst in people come out , worse then during the holidays, as people will literally steal the TP from you, take needed supplies in greed pursuit.

Let’s please practice social distancing, staying as much at home as humanly possible, wash your damn hands, use sanitizer and take extra precautions. This is about flatting the curve so it doesn’t spread, don’t be selfish by making this about you, how many times do we have to see people in large crowds who don’t give a shit about others just for the need to go to a concert, a theme park, a party, even a wedding.

Stop the spread and we can soon go back to normal, but if people continue to spread it will only get worse. Although we can not blame ourselves for this virus we can blame the response on the U.S government for NOT protecting the American people from harm and not it has gotten worse, while other counties have a grasp on handing it, we do not.

I am tired of those who defend the incompetent administration as if they have done no harm, they have actually affected us in ways we will probably feel for the rest of the year and maybe longer.

Stay safe everyone, be kind, send time with loved ones, stay in doors, read, write and know this will pass in time if we do our part.

As someone who is mainly in doors now I can refocus my time to writing more blogs and of course finish editing my book, which I am need to finish. Wishing everyone a safe healthy week ahead.

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