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Happy Easter From My Family to Yours!

Happy Easter everyone on this somber time in our lives as we celebrate at home. What a strange time this is as it’s hard not to think about last Easter and previous Easter’s. It’s quite amazing how the times change so quickly. As a Christian I need to remember that GOD is in control of everything that happens in this world and our lives.

I am thankful that my company is doing ok and has not initiated any layoffs, but still that could change too as my organization although quite large is in the real estate industry. I am also a fairly new employee only been there a few months, so I am somewhat nervous about major changes taking place.

I just need to have faith and know that everything will work out, stay in doors and be safe and this will pass in time. Many tend to over hype the situation like we are in a long term battle with COVID-19 but not true. What we need is to be patient and soon enough we will be back to business as usual.

But once again remembering the reason for Easter is to remember and appreciate what Jesus did for us as the cross which is Died for ALL of our sins. Easter does hold personal importance to me other then the death of Christ but in remembrance of those Easter’s when my mother was alive as kids we would dress up, have a Easter dinner, which I feel like I could smell to this day.

Wishing everyone a special Easter with those family we can spend time at this time, appreciating our precious time filled with Love. For those who are alone at this time, cut yourself some slack, take care of your mental health. I am particularly concerned about those who suffer with mental health, those families who are stuck at home with an abuser who this situation only makes worse being with those type of people. I Should know I have lived with them they are horrible people.

Sorry for the long pause in writing, I am still here, trying to get back into blogging regularly but at the moment I going through my own changes of working from home with my daughter who is seven, my wife and my mother in law so its kind of stressful time.

Take care friends!

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