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Weekly Feature #20, Stories From a Childs Past: My Childhood Writing Through the Years (Conclusion)

Welcome to the series conclusion of my Weekly Feature number #20, Stories from a child’s past, Stories unearthed from my childhood. These stories I am sharing as written in the original context, most or all have original stories included for your viewing.

Can you imagine we have reached 20 posts on my childhood writings. I may be able to find a few more hidden somewhere but so far I wanted to recognize I was able to find all of these stories luckily I didn’t throw them away.

As a young writer I just loved to write, putting aside punctuation, good sentence structure and my English teach would probably be lecturing me right now, you may want to lecture me, but know this is where my love began.

Joining for the first time, please review my series of writings of all twenty pieces:

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What was the Purpose

The purpose of these writings was simply for the world to see the importance of writing in my life from a young age. These stories really show my mind at that age and if you have read my stories you will see that most of these were written when I was between the ages of 10 to 12 years old. This apparently was a very important time in my life as it was also one of the most difficult.

It was my intention to have something of remembrance of a simpler time when writing was my refuge, my way to imagine a better world and to use my imagination to my fullest at times. It’s very movie influenced and that is because aside from writing I have always love film, something I wish I could have become as a film maker. You never know its not too late, I could see one day create my film masterpiece. In the meantime I am writing my novel hopefully it will be finished one day.

Your support is so important to me and my quest to be a better writer and storyteller. Thank you for all of those who have commented and encouraged me along the way, I truly do appreciate it and hope I entertained you as well.

My Journey Continues

My writing journey continues and for those who continue to follow me, read my writings and my thought know I am into writing for the long haul, the good , bad and ugly that goes along with it. I look forward to continuing to offer to my mind in written form. Now it’s time to continue my adventure stay tuned….

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