Welcome To My New Podcast

Hello Family out there, I have officially gone into the new age of Pod Cast and boy does it feel good and strange at the same time as I discover my voice and make a large effort to put it out there for others. I still love blogging and writing as that continues to be my main platform for my audience, but I find that it’s great to just listen to others speak.

I will devote this as an open forum going over many topics such my life, family, Religion, the strange and paranormal. I hope to build an audience but also realistic to know there are ALOT of pod cast out there with more well known people but that’s ok. Our voice is important and what I have to say is NOT less important.

I did my first Pod and I will be including it here for you all to listen to my annoying voice, which I never really listened to my voice but I guess I really hate how I sound but that’s my voice, so hopefully you tune in and listen, follow and continue on this journey.

I love all of my followers here and on Twitter who you are the reason why I want to add to my platform to bring you more content to know me better, so thank you for your encouragement.

Here is my first ever Pod and I hope that I can make regular Pods and build a good treasure trove of topics for everyone to listen to.

EP. 19 Amerikan Idiots and Our Nations Soul Let’s Talk with Joe Meyer

Our discussion dives into American politics, current events and how the soul of our nation is rapidly changing for the worse. Get out an vote and remember our civic duty our country is depending on you.
  1. EP. 19 Amerikan Idiots and Our Nations Soul
  2. EP. 18 This is Your Song 10 years of Wedding Bliss
  3. EP. 17-A Be a Dream Warrior PT 2
  4. EP. 17 Be a Dream Warrior PT 1
  5. EP. 16 Amerika, Democracy in Name Only

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