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Happy New Year 2022

Hard to believe its 2022, it literally feels as though we just began 2021 and now that year is good and gone and for good reason who wishes to remember this time in history, I certainty don’t want to remember the raging pandemic we live in today and how our lives have shifted dramatically in some ways where many continue to work from home, many have experienced COVID and some have even left this world.

I often reflect on what I am thankful for especially having a stable job or Jobs, my wife working, and our daughter being in a school and staying healthy. None of us really know what the year will bring for 2022, some will experience great success, and some will experience great failures which make up our lives.

Each of us hope the year will be great but often times people forget the failures make us stronger, give us patience and perseverance to be better in the long term, a push we all need. That is why many of us probably create new years resolutions.

I like to think we can all have each year banging with success but often times many are just hoping and looking to survive the day, the month and then they year holding on at times.

What is amazing and sad is that years past I don’t often remember, its possible those days are not very memorable and there are times I just want to forget especially certain years in my life.

For 2022, it does appear bleak with the Pandemic still year, governments faltering and even the citizens of this great country will continue to make choices that put us in ruination. Each day we have a choice to make to be better, but often times people are doing the opposite, making choices that go against science and even GOD.

One thing is for sure I believe our societies will get worse not better because many appear to have this ideology that once can and should be able to disrupt society, peoples lives as we society continues to believe what is blasted in the media and in social media.

We are living in dangerous times as I believe many do not think for themselves although they like to think they do, but really believe would majority rule says and since millions and billions follow society media with the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Tic Tok, society will continue to believe the lies that many present as truth.

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Sorry not try to rant, but just to say that hopefully 2022 will be full of hope for the best in hopes COVID will wind down and we can live somewhat of a normal life but doubt it will happen in the next couple of months.

The problem is that many continue to believe that COVID has no teeth, its just a flu, its harmless and although the vaccine exists that’s part of the big lie today, which causes many to go about their day like it doesn’t exist, a real sight I witness is last week when I attempted to take my daughter and wife to Knotts Berry farm for family and holiday fun only to leave an hour later leaving the packed crowds many of which did not wear masks and did not social distance, a real disappointment.

For the last weeks I have been on a complete vacation unplugged from work and boy it has felt great to rest, recharge, spend time with my family and enjoy this time, although I didn’t go anywhere it was still nice. Surprisingly and I am somewhat disappointed is that is that I didn’t feel the urge to edit my book, but know I need to continue to pick it up again in all honestly, I am very tired not of the story but of the tediousness of editing for the last two years, I would like this book to be finished.

For 2022, I wish to continue my weight loss goals, finish editing my book in hopes of find an agent to publish my book god willing. I hope to continue to save money, build on to my current position, not necessarily looking for a promotion but that would be nice, but ultimately would like my wife to change jobs to something that offers better opportunities for her.  

I want to continue to be a better father and husband and just a better overall human being. I could not and will not do all these things without my continuous relationship with my GOD Jesus as said in Matthew 1:23 – God is with US!

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My wish and hope for all of you to have prosperity in the new year. This year may be tough, it may be confusing, but it may have success too, but fill this time with love and kindness, patience and come end of 2022 you should be a better person.

I am say that from the beginning of 2021 to now, I am healthier, leaner (Having lost 55 pounds) and meaner but not in the rudest sense.

The last few years have been good in the sense that I have not struggled like I did in years pass and I continue to get wiser and older as the years appear to tick away as this last year, I celebrated 42 years old, 43 this December.

I continue to be thankful for all I have especially my family, my work, a place to rest my head each night, clothes on my back and food on my table, something many of us can take for granted as these times continue to get increasing difficult and especially so for myself who lives in California.

What I also say lastly don’t let the times of today get you down, its easy to look at the times, our society, what you have and don’t have equate that to a life a of value, you and I choose what we consider to be valuable in our lives, society doesn’t, and we shouldn’t let it.

I know I lived for years looking to society to tell me what they equated to a successful life whether it was how much money I made, where I went to school and even how I lived, you write your own chapters as in the words of Doc Brown from Back to the future III and I quote

“Your future hasn’t been written yet. No one’s has! Your future is whatever you make it. So make it a good one!” – Doc Brown #backtothefuture #quote

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I often am reminded of times of the past when I was a child, where those times the best times, maybe there they were for me as a child, but for my parents they could have been the worst. Growing up in the 80’s those were not the best decades for prosperity. Even though we didnt have to deal with Pandemics, we did have to deal with the changing of politics in our country, wars and the changing landscape of what what our country looks like today which is not always a good thing. Yes we have great technology, but we are still behind in a ways especially in how we treat one another as kindness and respect have gone out the window but greed, selfishness and contempt. I pray the new year will bring people closer but I doubt that as I see now society is on a melt down and not to get over dramatic we are on the verge of a civil war maybe and hopefully not literally but our society is imploding.

Ok I will stop now as I wanted this post to be about how good 2022 can be, not sure why when I write 2022 , I start writting 2002 maybe subconciously that was a good year for me , which is was when I graduated college.

Anyways, Godspeed and God Bless to all and to all a good Night! Heres to a great 2022.

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