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Happy New Year 2022, Stuck at Home with COVID

As I celebrate the new year stuck with COVID, but doing better as I attempt to relax but its difficult as I am deep into my thoughts about my Job(s) and not working due to my illness, which I know is only temporarily but still giving me a moment to self-reflect.

Now that I have experienced COVID, not that I wanted to , I can truly understand how many are affected by this sickness although I am sure many had much more severe symptoms and even death.

For many who have gotten COVID already you can relate, but what was most difficult is it happening right after I came back from my two-week Holiday vacation and not being able to work for a week to recoup.  

I am certainly working to push myself to get better, although COVID is perfectly recoverable for most there have been many who have died since March 2020.

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My story of control, a pademic written over three years ago

Since this has happened this has really opened my eyes when it comes to my book which I have been writing for a few years now with a pandemic type theme. My two characters Jack and Penny who live in Oregon are currently suffering through covid like symptoms.

Jack and unsuspecting victim who suddenly gets sick one day and his path crosses with Penny his future partner who is indirectly connected to him but a key part of what he is going through.

COVID which many of you are aware began in China, but not to get into an conspiracy’s I believe COVID was intentional in a way to affect the world especially the U.S. There are truly bad actors in the world, and it just so happens in my book the main antagonist Chu which is an American doctor like Chu has been plotting for years with the United States to release a deadly virus to take control of the world. Although the idea was from the United States governm

ent to be used to fight our enemies abroad Chu had other plans. Chu grew slowly to want to dominate and seek control taking the experiments to new levels with Jack, Penny and others. Those others were child experiments who are inject with a type of virus that could be used to control the world when time. Over decades Chu perfected his creation and eventually released it upon the world. Jack and Penny fight for their lives as Jack and Penny look for answers only to find none at first.  Chu sits comfortably monitor Jack and Penny as they soon go through physically ailments, their bodies changing growing sicker. Jack and Penny experiencing many of symptoms you and I would experience, Fatigue, loss and smell and taste but also physical changes such as lesions and boils all over their bodies, deformities to start.

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I will tell you how it ends but I think about what many are going through today, some fighting for their lives literally. Many are just trying to live their lives, go to work, survive, eat, pay the bills and can not because somewhere in China, someone thought it was a good idea, probably the Chinese government to really fuck up the world and get even. But I will not say US is not part of the problem, since the pandemic began they have done well, very well financially having records profits especially companies like Amazon, McDonald’s and others. 

Do We Really Need it all?

We are too believe we need these companies, we can not live with them but the truth is we can live without them, we can make do and in reality we have the ability to create our own companies that can thrive allowing us to be financially independent, but companies want us to believe we need to depend on them for support when we are all capable we just need to give it time. Most will not become billionaires; many don’t need billions or even millions to thrive but enough for each of us to thrive in this life.

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What am I trying to saying here is that this pandemic should open our eyes to the belief we need society to survive , that we need the educational systems like colleges to be valuable to society, but the reality is we can survive and thrive without them. Part of the problem is we will in a consumeristic world, world that wants to keep us poor and dependent on them, a world of control. You may say no one controls you , but really we are being control in this moment in time, I know it sounds like some conspiracy but there are parties each day who only want us hooked , dependent on them, a big part of the world is  social connection like social media that is used to feed people information, millions of people each day to believe a lie that we can not survive on our own, you need to login each day , plug in and play, sit at home, watch TV, watch Netflix with the guise of being for entertainment but really there is a sinister purpose behind it, which is it to distract each of us from the truth of living a life of value and purpose, don’t get sucked into the lie.

Red Pill Vs. Blue Pill

I often love using movies as references to us and one movie I think about is the Matrix films and the reality we live in. Thinking of Neo taking the red pill or the bull pill, may people choose to take the blue pill each day.

In the original film Matrix, Neo is offered the choice between the blue pill by Morpheus’s who says” you take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe, you take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes,”

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The red pill represents uncertain future, unknown to Neo at the time, he takes the red pill it would free him from the enslaving control of the machine generated dream world and allow him to escape the real world, but living the truth of reality is harsher and more difficult.  On the other hand, the blue pill, represents a beautiful prion, it would lead him back to ignorance, living in confined comfort without want or fear within the simulated reality of the matrix.

The blue pill is our fabricated reality, which many choose to live in today. This blog is not meant to debate that but that is where these thoughts take me in the world we live in today.   Life truly does imitate art when we read books like 1984 and watch films like Matrix about what the future could hold if we are not careful. What we see in film and books could happen and will happen which is pretty scary because the thought or idea is begin displayed in the pages of a book and or film so those ideas exist.

We do live in a very sick world, a world full of depravity, hate and greed which will not change ever. Many are taught we will are not good enough, will never be good enough, but you are more than an enough you just need to believe, believe in yourself and make your dreams a reality you can do it.

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Lets not let these times define our lives but lets be the definers.  I wrote this blog under the influence of COVID, being at home, sick, tired and trying to ease my mind during a time when the world is in chaos.

May the new year be a year of awakening for all of us! Here is to 2022.

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