Happy 9th Birthday Mikaylah !

Happy Birthday to my daughter Mikaylah who on January 5th, 2013, came into this world. Forever changing my life for the better. I never imagined each day I would look at a splitting image of me, although she is her own person, I see so much of myself in her its scary.

Every day is a gift watching her growing up from newborn to toddler, to little girl and beyond. She drives me crazy at times, but I love the person she has become, her laughter and joy.  Over the last 9 years have been life altering and although some think having kids is just a part of life, we should remember that those little reflections of us are reminders of us when we were once children their age. I truly do get to live through my daughter’s life.

I hope each day to give my daughter a better childhood then I had and I believe I have and I only want her to remember these precious years because they go so fast. In a matter of time my daughter will be teen one day then an adult and although my job is never done, I hope I was a good provider to her.

Happy Birthday and many more to come!

Love you Papa!

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