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A Prayer for the New Year 2022

We could all use a lot more prayer in the new year! Amen.

Pondered Treasures

Almighty God, Sustainer of all things, Lord of the seasons and the years, Controller of the times and calendars, we pause to say thank you for life, breath, provision, and protection over the past year.

Thank you for faithful partners in prayer and ministry, thank you for family and loved ones, thank you for helping us through a tough year. We recognize that we would not be here without you.

We declare aloud that you are our God and we love you. You are great and good, mighty and merciful, strong and compassionate, powerful and loving.While we may not understand you norwhy you do what you do,we know you will not fail us. As you have been faithful in the past, you will remain who you are—Lord of heaven and earth.

We confess we are fearful creatures needing reassurance about what lies ahead in the unknown. We come to you…

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