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Are We In The Era of Orwell’s 1984? I believe We Are.

Something told to repost this for some reason as to a warning to us all.

Joseph’s Adventures in Writing

As a writer and a reader, I often find that fictional imitates real life as something one could think is unimaginable to imageable to our world. In addition to loving books, I also love film which is where many films created are taken from books. One book I surprising have never read until now is 1984 or Nineteen Eight four by George Orwell.

I have only just begun reading the book and have already watched the film with the late great actor John Hurt and Richard Burton. The film gets incredible close to the book so far, I know many of you will probably tell me about the inconsistencies if any. But like I said I have only just begun the book.

What is so incredible about this book so far is the incredible frightening resemblance to the times we live in today. Now mind you I live in the…

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