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How Films and Television Speak the Truth to Murder, Uncivility and the Direction Society is taking Today.

I often think of bad men and women who are mother’s and father’s and raise children. Watching certain show’s and movies like the Sopranos, Good Fellas, even your typical Narco or drug pusher. These men and women go against everything most of us stand for, they are straight out murders.

Was Tony Soprano a Good Man?

I think of Tony Soprano, a family man who was raised in the family of Italian mafia, Cosa nostra. If you didn’t know Tony he looks like a regular Joe, but is far from regular. He would do anything to protect his family and does living in his posh New Jersey mansion with his wife and two kids.

Each member of the Soprano family is flawed in their own way, but deep down you root for them or at least I did. Tony is an adulterer and murderer but justifies it to keep the family busy going, but in the end he meets his fate.

I often wonder how a man like this justifies who he murders and his actions. I also think about your typical Narco, usually coming from Mexico or Columbia. I get this to a certain degree these are just shows, but I believe they are based in reality. One of the films I think of films like Sicario, Traffic, Blow and savages among the films I have watched.

Are these men and women just a product of growing up in the Mafia and cartel not really have a choice but force to live that life, that could be the case.

Do we live in the age of Narcos and Mafia?

I think about even our own society, do we live in that kind of attitude of a Narco and Mafia where many of us are forced to act out against society, spewing hate and anger. I see our society as very angry, which could be the biproduct of what Covid and the pandemic have done to us.

I also see that things like murder are becoming a natural part of life, although I would never do that society has made it clear its becoming acceptable as long as you doing get caught and in all honest even films have taught us what to do not to get caught by the PO-PO.

Yes we are governed by laws that are met to deter people from doing bad things, but unfortunately that hasn’t stopped people because people are getting wiser and using technology and even television and movies to skirt the law and get away with things. Its sad that it as simple if you want to get rid of someone who put them in some concrete boots and drop them in the ocean forever lost.

Oh come to think of it another show I have seen is Dexter who on the outside lives a pretty normal life, but on his free time murders those bad people justification for murder one could say.

Jesus and Bible in relation to Murder

As a Christian and believer in the bible and Jesus murder was a common theme in biblical times even corporate punishment crucifixions to name one form of punishment and I would recommend watching the Passion to give you a better picture.

God himself has even smote who people in anger for their behavior and acts against GOD. But as a believer in Jesus we are taught not to hate or murder people and even the tongue and heart has the ability to murder when we hate a person and shouldn’t.

I have seen our society crumble fill itself with hate and justification for murder and hate which continues to grow each day , where a civil society will no longer exists. Many of you will not follow but many of you will if allowed to go out in society and have your own Purge which can resemble the films where government may allow society to kill and murder thinning out society just because.

Films have told us the future of society

Looking back now as film and television displays the future, just like other film favorites of mine like George Orwell’s 1984 and the 1930’s film Metropolis.  The rich and wealthy rule our society as they call the shots to those who shall survive as they plunder society under the guise of trying to make it better.

If there is one thing this pandemic has shown me is our ability to allow corporate America to take advantage, become richer and society becomes poorer. We are not in control, but allowed to thing we are because we have already given up control to our lives in the forms of technology such as social media and the internet.

We are partially in the age of big brother like in 1984, maybe not into the point of complete government control but as we speak there are cites, counties and states and even the federal government creating ways to control us lawfully. So in the end what makes what localities do right but other forms of bad acts are still bad is it because government says its ok.

The film 1984 speaks truth to what is happening today

The truth is like in 1984 the education of facts and history has begun as government attempts to rewrite history such as Slavery and the holocaust like it didn’t exist but did. Even slavery exists today in the form of corporations forcing society to take its meager wages and government assistance just to make it while other societies prosper. People live in the illusion the U.S. is still the greatest country on earth and although I am thankful to be an American, its anything but the greatest because we allow the acceptance of hate and murder to be seen as ok and all in the name of business at times.

In the end we are all sheep to the slaughter by all trying to be good little boys and girls , not murdering, killing and not being uncivil, but uncivility is here to stay. As a Christian I know GOD’s in control and there will be point Jesus will come back and take me home, but for much of society many will die and end in Hell.  In the meantime I live on earth waiting, attempting to understand what good is hate and murder and in all honestly there is no good as people will eat each other up in time and that has already begun.

When we look at television and movies for examples, remember that some is based in reality to real things happening today and some are based on what many want to see into today’s society like many of Dystopian books and movies.  

Enjoy your life and don’t take it for granted

Enjoy your life for the time being, remember not to give unnecessary power to those who we think want to help us. No one wants to help you and I, except GOD to open your eyes.

I imagine what I am writing if I lived in Orwellian times like 1984, I would take taken by the thought police right now, that is the age we are working towards that ideas and free thinking are bad. If the thought police were to come today Word press would be gone, newspapers would disappear, books would be burned like in Fahrenheit 451, and we would rely on government to give us everything even the truth.

This blog may not make sense to many of you but makes sense to me because these thoughts are running in my head as we speak, and I needed to get them on paper to cement that for all of you to remember today.

God Bless all and thank you for listening.

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