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I want to Believe! The truth is Out There.

I have believed in the paranormal for many years as at times my interest is consumed in knowing about what exist that I have not seen like Bigfoot, UFO’s and Aliens in addition to the world of ghosts and spirits. For most the unknown is intriguing that somethings exist that are so different then our human life but I believe are possible.

I have recently been watching the X-Files a show I know existed but really never understood what the big commotion was about when it was on Television until I began to watch as I was sucked into each episode of Scully and Mulder. Now I see why this show has such an incredible following until today.

In all honestly I even watched the most recent film a year ago but didn’t have a complete understanding of what it was about until now watching the show and I will surely rewatch the films again once finished.

One of the main themes of the show is alien abduction, something I never truly believed in thinking that just wasn’t possible, but MAYBE it is. I do believe the government especially the U.S government is aware of flying saucers and aliens and its possible they even have alien bodies stored somewhere. I know many of you may think that is one big conspiracy aliens don’t exist, its just the government trying to make us believe they exists for their own sinister reasons. But how can anyone be so sure as like with Bigfoot there is actual footage especially the Patterson-Gimlin film:

There is certainly a huge interest today even with shows like Finding Bigfoot and Ghost adventures among many the explore the unknown. As you can see I am a believer especially in certain creatures that may not seem possible like the Moth Man which I have written about :

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There have been accounts of people who have said they were abducted by aliens and what they did to them as far as experiments. The X-files tends to take it a step further with implants and impregnation. There is some debate over what an actual alien looks like some say there are grayish in color, some green, some even human looking.  I believe they are probably grayish looking with large heads and domes, black eyes and tall, thin bodies.

The media continues to speculate what an alien looks like even create shows like Resident Alien that has the alien look human. Our fascination is endless and so are our imaginations, but I believe in certain cases there is some truth. The hard thing is that many are unwilling to talk about these subjects on the account that people will not believe and consider those people real nuts. For instance, one of the films is “Independence Day” with Will Smith. Films have often portrayed aliens as hostile looking to destroy us but I think they are just interested in how we live and have no interest in really living here but maybe some do as their intellect far surpasses our intellect especially with their technology.

Its difficult also as a Christian, one has to think would GOD really create these types of beings and for what purpose is hard to say. If you ask may Christians, they will deny any existence of these beings that that you probably watch too much television that GOD would NEVER create such things. But GOD is our creator he has a purpose for every living creature from inspects to humans, why is it so impassible to believe he would create aliens.

I do pray one day when I no longer here I can ask Jesus if they do exist, and I know he would be truthful in answering my questions about the existence of things I have never seen. In all Honestly as a believer in Jesus whom Ive never touched and seen, I believe he is real and was a real human being thousands of years of go because history states he was and his life was documented in the Bible.

When it comes to aliens, bigfoot and even the moth man they are very possible because of accounts from those who have seen them, and we are talking thousands of witnesses.

I will continue to investigate the unknown and attempt gather facts and data but unwilling to let these interests change me and consume me like others. I too fear telling people I believe because I automatically considered unstable nut, but why I have yet to find out.

I believe the truth is out if we look to seek it out, I think we just need more who are willing and those who have knowledge to share it like the Governments of the world who have knowledge and even real evidence of existence.

One thing is for sure, the interest in films, television and media will not go away as that will continue has Hollyweird will work to make money from it even making a mockery of the subject, but that is Hollyweird.

In the meantime, I will continue to keep an open mind because the Truth is out there, and I want to believe. I don’t expect anyone who reads this post to just automatically believe, but research on your own and seek answers you may be surprised what you find.

Thank you for continuing to follow me on this wild journey of discovery!

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