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I Did It! My Edited Book Helix 2029 is complete – Now What?

This week I experienced a major milestone in my writing, I have fully and finishing editing my book in which I started back in December 2018 and since have been editing it after finishing the first draft in October of 2019. It has been a journey for me as any writer this is thing of passion.

I have diligently worked on my book on a weekly basis taking occasional breaks and continuing again. The book originally having over 450 pages whittling it down to about 346 as the final version which will be entitled Helix 2029.

As a writer I think about will this book ever be perfect and then I think to myself maybe I should stop trying for perfection and just be content with what I have completed after all the editing has taken place. I would stay the next step would paying to have a professional editor review and provide back to make to make further corrections, but that could be high cost.

Some of the advice out there I’ve seen is to get an editor, some say you don’t need one just try to query for an agent in hopes they will pick it up and then they will edit it.

I do wish to make this book a reality to be published, either to self-publish to have an agent and publisher publish it for me, there are possibilities I think of but will not give up.

Like most writers we feel we have the creative chops to be mainstream, but the reality is not everyone does but I look to authors like JK Rowling who got tons of rejections and others like Stephen King. I am not JK Rowling or Stephen King, I’m me.

I will not be being to see how I can query my book and what that looks like. My book shouldn’t be difficult to understand as its partly a mystery, thriller, government conspiracy and even a pandemic scenario all relatable, I just hope it’s not too cliché of what has already been written about.

As a blogger and looking at many of your work I can see it’s a tough competition out there, there are far more superior writers then me.

I want to thank everyone for always supporting me, I can dream one day to send out a blog that I have been picked up by an agent that would be awesome.

I can imagine seeing my story up on the big screen and or television with multiple follow ups to my initial book. I will not be writing the follow up yet, give this book time to breathe.

For all the writers out there, which is pretty much all of you, don’t give up, dreams can happen and I know we get told that ALL the time but we must believe because in each of writing is something special regardless if we think our stories are not be desired, it all came from our creative minds unique to our perspective and mind.

As writers let’s not allow ourselves to be beaten down by ourselves being super critical to the point also self-hate, I was there I know what it feels like.

In addition, I have always been incredibly sensitive, and I know being rejected is tough and that is something I will come across when I am being querying my book because of the millions who are trying to get their stories published, but I hope there is light at the end of tunnel.

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