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Happy Fourth of July 2022

Happy Independence Day! I find this day important in our history
as we celebrate most not realizing the significance of this day. As an American
it gets lost on me the importance but many of us Non historians will focus on
the extra day off, time with family, Bar-B-Ques and some sparklers.

Where I live Fireworks of any kind are illegal, but growing
up in Los Angeles in the Hood, that was perfectly acceptable and encouraged
with firework stands everywhere.

I now live in a foothill area where a spark could literally
start a wildfire, but for this those who live in the inner city that is not
really a concern.

But Independence day when think of it , I cant help but to
think of the film with Will Smith decades ok fighting the alien fight. That is
much more exciting Independence Day then most of us think of. But I wish to
give honor to the mean behind today.

See the source image

The 4th of July represents the birth of a nation, the United States of America, that got their independence from the British and is therefore a day to celebrate the creation of a country.

The Declaration of Independence didn’t have the
symbolism it has nowadays during its first years of life. It was not until the
19th century. When the new political parties were born that the
Declaration was promoted by the Democratic-Republicans as an important piece of American history.

It was not until 1870 that congress declared the 4th of July a national holiday to commemorate the birth of this American nation.

Many countries today try to mimic what we offer here in the U.S.
such as our laws and liberty, but each country is to their own on what they
feel is right for them even when we don’t agree with it such as countries in
the middle east who literally shot and hang people on site for their crimes,
crimes that seem light like stealing. But some countries are much stricter in
their laws and even punishments something we here do not realize although we
have prisons full of people especially minorities and people of color.

Today we have huge problems I don’t think are related to the
declaration of independence but when it comes to interruptions of the constitution
from when it was written. Obliviously the constitution was meant to be a foundation
to build from not always to take literately which we try to do today.

Such as if Slavery still existed it probably would be alive
and well, but we have other forms of slavery here in our country like slavery
to corporate America.

This fourth of July lets try to remember the meaning and
purpose much like Christmas and Easter, our history in this country is still
important although society is trying to rewrite our history and eliminate it from
history books.

Have a great 4th of July, be safe, live prosperous and may the fourth be with you!

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