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Stranger Things was eh, But a step in time for me and the generation X.

Stranger Things, a television phenomenon that has attracted the likes of new generations. My daughter who is 9 years asked to watch this show because many of her friends have seen it. In all honestly I have heard about this show but never really had any interest in seeing it for some reason. I think I watched the first episode when it first came out and moved on.

Having just binged watched all four seasons I can see the attraction and as a writer give credit where credit is due to the Duffer brothers who created the show. What is so infuriating is that much of the show’s ideas are really taken from films and television from the 80’s. I love the 80’s soundtracks taking me back in time to my childhood.

The main characters are likeable in which you want to see them safe and be successful in whatever endeavor they encounter from fighting evil to finding love. Eleven is the main character or one of them as a group of friends work to fight evil that has not existed for thousands of years but more like decades manifesting into pure evil.

I respect that there will be writers , content creators who will regurgitate story lines, ideas from the past and I guess I can say I am used to it as many content to as just put in new packaging.

I am angry at the fact that even I probably could have created something of this nature but I am not in television or movies and I am did not go to film school like the Duffer Brothers did. Aside from the mega successful show, I don’t see that the brothers have created anything to this magnitude like before, but again I give credit where its due.

The brothers are a few years younger then me and I can only imagine if at the young age put my time into story teller, being more a writer and even going to film school where I would be today.

Anyways that is beside the point. The point is that I loved how Stranger Things has introduced 80’s music and themes to a new generation who have no idea of times were like in the 80’s and even the 90’s before social media and the internet. Yes I believe times were simpler back in the 80’s and 90’s when the internet didn’t exist at the point. Although in the 80’s the internet was just beginning.

I will of course watch the last and final season when it comes out and see how the story concludes.

Overall many of you may say well I am just jealous of the success and you would be correct. I am Jealous of the fact that I didn’t think of this. I am Jealous for the young actors who are now super successful and well known at such a young age. I am Jealous that I look back at my life in a wife before I becoming married with my daughter that I completely wasted my youth when I could have been more, Yes I am Jealous.

I can also say I am a fan of the show too, I don’t completely hate it or anything. Looking back when I was twelve years old when writing was very much an important part of my I would write stories about monsters, murders, also innocent subjects about dogs and animal, I was very fluid in my writing style like am today.

For those interested, you can see my childhood writings here:

This topic is on my mind, so look out for probably a podcast and vlog on the subject since there are many out there who may listen or watch me instead of reading my writing.

Lets continue to keep things strange, as a fan of the strange , weird and unknown.

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