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What the great resignation has taught us about how employers don’t a Sh*t about you and I

Are we as valued as our employers say we are? For some they would say Yes my employer values me and treats me as such. But for most I don’t think this is true as I have seen firsthand “The Great Resignation” take place in our country and possibly even globally. Having lived in the U.S. all my life I have seen how the job market has changed over the years.

I will say I am a generation X and I will say from my perspective we were taught differently then younger generations today. For one I do believe we did grow up at a time that social media did not exist which may or may not have been a good thing. We were taught to be independent, self-reliant but I believe we were taught to accept what was given to us in the workplace such and expected to comply with what was told of us.  We were taught that we should go to college because that is how we will make something of ourselves and be successful, essentially, we were taught to just be quiet and respect authority whether it was our bosses, managers and respect that know what they are talking about.

What different generations have taught us

Generation Z’s and millennials where I see taught different and many of those in these generations of children of generation Xer’s as we tried to teach those generations from our mistakes as workers. I too look to teach my nine-year-old different lessons to the workforce encouraging her to take her career into her own hands and not depend on an employer to give her things. Although there is nothing wrong with working for an employer independent owning your work and working for yourself givers one more freedom to make your own choices.

I too look to be an example when I start my independent consultancy and show my daughter it can be done. Even today I go to work each day and I teach part time for a vocational college but at the end of the day I want more. I no longer want to feel the pressure of catering to a company and making them profitable and rich anymore when I myself can probably do that for myself.

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Truly I am tired of feeling that a company will just let me go just because. I have dedicated my life and time to making other companies better within my own right. I am in no way a manager or executive. Like many I am a worker bee do what I do, in my case projects and project management.

What is the point of this piece, its really to open your eyes to employers and how much value they place in you and often times they say we value you, your important, but its all a rouse , a lie. Some of may not agree with my perspective and all I can say is that has been my experience.

The great resignation is here and this is why

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The great resignation is real and continues to shape our workforce. Some of the important reasons why the following:

  • No Work-life balance
  • Underpaid Staff
  • Lack of Recognition
  • Toxic work environment
  • Poor management and leadership

These are just some of the reasons as you can probably add your own to this list, but these were some of the main culprits of the great resignation.

So where do we go from here? We continue to keep our options open to work, change our mindset to stop expecting companies to care. This message is not anti-corporation, or about greed although there are elements of todays work force that is strictly that. Companies want us to make them money giving us peanuts at times and that is why we need to work towards to independently making it one our own and it can be done. I know that idea may scare many of you, but I believe the reason we fear striking it out on our own is fear of the unknown.

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We need to trust ourselves, our abilities and our gifts which I believe we all have, we just need to realize those gifts and stop allowing companies to smother them, making us believe we don’t have the abilities, we all do. I see that now and now its time to take actions.

I hope his piece has enlightened you, but if you would like more information on the great resignation here is some sources:

Great Resignation – Wikipedia

What is The Great Resignation and what can we learn from it | World Economic Forum (weforum.org)

This article originally appeared : https://myneedtolive.com/what-the-great-resignation-has-taught-us-and-why-we-should-listen-for-careers-sake/

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