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In Amerika, is it now ok to Lie, Cheat, Steal and murder? Today’s times say it is and whose going to stop me.

I often think about what is acceptable in today’s society. Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s times were different or at least I think they were. Before social media existed and even phones we had conversations with people, played outside.

Rage over the state of our country

I reflect on my life to this point and often I can be filled with rage over our country as business leaders and politicians work to destroy the norms of how we should live taking rights away, favoring the rich while poor and middleclass are left with very little without an afterthought.

I don’t believe the lie that companies and those in politics care about the people, its really about self-interest, what they can get out of the people whether its money or more power.

Its even more infuriating that we continue to follow the former guy as if he is GOD, holding on to his words like they are pure truth but they just pure lies and every word he has ever spoken has been lies yet people choose to eat them up.

I’d like to think we are an intelligent society, but I severely doubt that as he are being led by stupid, immoral people.

I think how we as society finds it ok to act in a manner to be violent, spread hate, lie, cheat, steal and even murder our fellow man, women and child.

is good and good is evil

We are coming to a point where people are justifying wrong behavior when some else murders another person coping to “Self-defense”. That those who decide to shoot up a school and kill innocent kids are treated as martyrs. How the right tries to own the left and the left tries to own the right and how we are no longer a country but a divided country who live to terrorize each other whether its in social media or in our every day lives.

We live in a world of debauchery where its ok to mistreat children and abuse them and who is going to stop them. We live in a world where drugs and money rule and again its perfectly fine that we live in a country that allows that to infest our country killing it from within. I believe we allow drugs in this country, and this may be a bold statement but I believe our government allows drugs to enter our country so that we can try to catch the bigger fish at the same time killing those were should be protecting.

Drugs, prostitution, and child endangerment continue to happen today and who is protecting us as many of us must now protect ourselves.

I would like to believe in a world where police are there to protect us but have seen its very easy for them to become corrupt without any accountability. Again, a big lie that we as people are important. I won’t say there are no good police in the world there are who really do try to make a difference, but in time those in those fields start to see what they can get away and who’s going to stop them.

Who is going to stop me if I decide to go out an hurt someone. I believe we live in a world where there are two justices in this country , one for the rich and one for the poor. If you have money, power and decide that want to go out and murder, lie , cheat and steal you will be allowed to do so because you lawyers who will defend you and bill to keep your life and stay out of prison.

But for the rest of us there are really no choices. You can say that judges and the law will be followed for every one of us, but again that’s a big lie too. Because I would surely be put in prison for life, raped, abused where the only good option is death. But rich never have to experience that, even those who do horrible acts get pampered with the luxuries of protection from gen pop.

Society is not equal, nothing equal about it

We don’t live in an equal society but in a world made for those who have money and power as the rest of us suffer. Its nice to believe in the illusion we all matter and make a difference but really, we do not unless you have power and wealth.

As Christian man its difficult to realize this as Jesus has already told us in advance what this world will turn into as this is not new. As in Jesus time, this was also seen as the rich and powerful ruled making those who were just trying to survive slaves to labor.

Although there was no technology in the times of Jesus, there were rulers, people of influence and power who made it their mission to make it difficult for others, regular folk to live, nothing has changed. Today we have still had slavery but in a different form, slave to debt and working for companies who pay measly wages all at the same time forcing you and I to make them money, become wealthier.

There is no trickledown economics, but just those who become wealthier. Those who become wealthy and powerful don’t get there by good old fashioned hard work but by those give them power or those who take power but pushing down others to get there, that is the world we live in today.

Stepping on people is the way of life

In today’s world its easy to push people down, get what you want by lying, cheating and stealing and if you think you don’t have to do that, you’re lying to yourself.

In the U.S. there are those who have privileges just for being a certain ethnicity or skin color, we are not an equal nation everyone is afforded the same opportunities that is one big lie. I have personally seen this in my own life as I have worked hard to educate myself with degrees and years of experience, but did that get the position, the power in companies I worked, NO. I ‘ve watched those around me with less education get the job all on the account of the skin color, race and ethnicity favor.

I ask you what the point is to live life like this to always work towards something when you never fully get there. But its all possible to lie, cheat and steal and really make it. I know many of you will say I don’t want to live like that. I want to live an honest, hard-working life and I can say good for you. Live in love and kindness for fellow man, women and child. You’ll be happier for that as I have witnessed that we are in a country where hate is considered ok and even encourage by those political leaders who are supposed to be representatives of people, people you and I elect.

Spreading hate is the new norm

I never elected anything to spread hate and even if I didn’t vote for them, they should be representative of the values of the people, but I don’t even see that today as many of those in power spread hate to the masses and people eat up, act on that hate and its considered ok.

The times we live in will only get worse as we are the modern-day Rome, self-destructing from within every day.

Today this was in my heart, coming out of frustration of seeing Amerika turn into something none of think we would ever see as our country gets worse as anarchy continues and in time, I am sure we will have purge by those who want to act on their hate in a legal way.

Our days are numbered.

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