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Weekly Feature #15, Stories From a Childs Past: My Mothers Life Story – Reintroduced

Mother’s hold a special place in our hearts for the most part, thinking of my mothers birthday August 30, she would have been 63 years old , but passed away in 2015. I will always love my mother for her love and sacrifices she made each day for myself and sister, but I feel I lived a horrible existence living in the devils home. My mother who for most of our life worked in a school districts as a teacher’s aides finishing her career working as a special education teachers aid until she was forced to leave due to health reasons and bullying by younger co-workers. My mother who suffered health wise for much of my childhood dying of psoriasis of the liver and no she was not a drinker, that was one of causes along with failing kidney’s requiring dialysis. I saw my mother trying everyday often disrespected by the devil who was also her father. My world has not been the same since her passing. Although I have my loving family of wife and daughter, mothers are irreplicable.

Welcome to this Weeks Weekly Feature number #15, Stories from a child’s past, Stories unearthed from my childhood. These stories I am sharing as a young child I had and continue to have a love for writing.

The writings so far seemed to be when I was in between the ages of ten to thirteen. Many of the examples I provided do have typos, run on sentences and grammatical errors so don’t be surprised if see those.

As a young writer I just loved to write, putting aside punctuation, good sentence structure and my English teach would probably be lecturing me right now, you may want to lecture me, but know this is where my love began.

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Original Story

Original Story

My Mother’s Life Story Transcribed

My mother’s life story and how she lived…

My mother was born on 08-30-1959. My mother’s life was kind of busy and act she went to many places like Puerto Rico and when we was at home her parents were always getting mad at her she has two sisters and two brothers. Sometimes she had bad times and good times. Like the time she put a hole in the wall because of her brother they would always fight a lot and one time her brother threw a hammer. My mom was making him mad and he threw it at her but he missed and made a huge hole in the wall and covering with paint but it didn’t work and soon she got older and older and then she met this guy in college and married but he went to the army and then my mom took him she was having me and he didn’t believe her and went on with his army work and then on December 1, 1979 she had me and then my dad did believe my mom and he said to me he would give me anything I wanted and took me to Disneyland and put me into a picture school and then my grandfather asked to come to live with him. Oh and I forgot she had a girl too name Jennifer and we have living with him.

The end.


The details of this story were rather short, but felt it was important to write about the life of my mother. I wish I would have written more about my mothers life there was so much I didn’t know even though she was my mother.

This brief biography is about how my mother grew up in a way with her mother, my grandmother Joan and her step father Luis , Her Sisters Elizabeth and Karen and Brothers Robert and Luis. This piece details life as a sister who constantly fought with her brother Luis, who constantly fought and in my opinion probably abused my mom by hitting her, that is probably why he was in prison for most of his life because of never having respect for anyone.

My Father and Mother Getting Married

In this example he chased my mother with a hammer throwing the hammer and missing as it went through the wall. My mother attempting to fix it plastered the wall and painted it but as you know it never looks the same so she got in trouble while he the prince of the house nothing happened to him.

The story then shifts into my mother going to college meeting my father, they have me , but my father did not believe I was his son although I looked like him, eventually he believed. Growing up my father was in my life, but my parents divorced when I was about five years old and we moved in with the devil (reference Weekly feature #14 to learn more).

My Sister Jennifer and Me

The story abruptly ends.

A Mother’s Love

As you see I loved my mother dearly which why I wrote about her, but I also wrote about those I hated who only brought pain to my life like the person I call the Devil my grandfather.

My mother passed on December 9, 2015, a great loss to this day, regrets that I didnt know more about her life. I think kids need to make a bigger effort to know their parents lives and parents need to do a better job of telling their kids about their lives to pass down legacies.

I will definitely do this for my daughter that is one of the reasons I write to document my writing journey and to leave her my words, my thoughts and who I am.

As a writer I love to write about creative stories fictional but I have an appreciation for non-fiction such as my life or my families life because that is how I leave a legacy of proof I existed.

I know not everyone has a good mother and you are truly blessed when you do have a mother who loves and sacrifices for you to have a good life. Growing up I didn’t have the best , I had a roof, food and clothes and some toys. But I will always work to honor my mother although I didn’t agree with some of her choices in life like searching out the devil her father after he had abandoned her in life. She struggled each day and as an adult I should have been there more for her and I wasn’t especially when I started my family.

Love you mom and have belated birthday! You are always remembered.

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