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Weekly Feature #12, Stories From a Child’s Past: My Childhood Story – Reintroduced

I often like to write about my past experiences in my life as a way to reflect trueness to who I am and how I lived as a child. This was one of those examples of my life story. Although my life story is pretty typical of some growing up, its my own. I was always an observer growing up, watching those around me. The people, how they acted, treated one another and like many of those years I feel it was like a blink of an eye one day a child next day an adult.

Welcome to this Weeks Weekly Feature number #12, Stories from a child’s past, Stories unearthed from my childhood. These stories I am sharing as a young child I had and continue to have a love for writing.

The writings so far seemed to be when I was in between the ages of ten to thirteen. Many of the examples I provided do have typos, run on sentences and grammatical errors so don’t be surprised if see those.

As a young writer I just loved to write, putting aside punctuation, good sentence structure and my English teach would probably be lecturing me right now, you may want to lecture me, but know this is where my love began.

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Original Story

My Story Transcribed

My story about how I was as a kid well when I was a kid I was always on the wall with a crayon well that was when I was a baby than my mom found this named Moses Gutierrez well when my mom told my dad that she was going to have me my dad didn’t believe her and said I wasn’t his son an she kept telling him I was his and when he go out of the army than he believed my mom the dad I was going to be on Dec 1st, 1979 at 6:38 am in the morning.

They gave me to my mom and she was said she was so happy and the next day my grandfather and grandmother came to see me they said I was so beautiful to bad I couldn’t see myself , well I was just a baby back than. Than on December 10, 1979 I was brought home by my mom named Joseph Gutierrez. After that my dad married my mom and he went back to the army and my dad finally believed I was his son and after a while he came back from the army to take care of me.

Oh I forgot before my dad came back my mom lived with her mom and would not even drive my mom to the doctors so she had to drive herself so I getting to have a bad life in my moms stomach and my was also have a kind of bad life too and than my dad came and than my mom went to live with my dad and that made my mom’s mom mad and so I and my mom went to live with my dad and my mom was getting so mad because he was working so much and sometimes my mom told him off and he got mad she cried and that was more bad life for me again and so my mom sent me to a private school and the house wasn’t in good shape either but as they holidays and months went by I got more clothes and lots more toys and this is some of the bad things I did.

I was always getting out of the window in my P.J.s and I was always writing on the walls my mom could leave me alone a minute without me writing on walls and make noise with pots and pans and at the age of 5 I hit my head and got one hit in my head and I was always following off my chair than pottie training and sometimes I went to the restroom on the floor in the bath tub even when I was taking a bath and my house was very dirty. Than my sister Jennifer Gutierrez came in the family, she was born on April 8th 1983

I and than my mom said I was always kissing my sister and hugging her but now I hate kissing her and when she was a baby I would bother her when she was asleep and when I took a nap I would have a pooh bear and some times I got mad because my mom gave it to her but she would cry when I took it away from her and my mom would get mad at me and some times I cried because there was a big mouse in my room and I was scared of it and so she gave it a lady from Scotland and now I went back from her well when Christmas came I would I too get the little balls and throw them pieces of glass in my feet

My mom or my dad would take the glass out of my feet and I would cry and cry  and my mom would take me trick or treating on Halloween and I dressed up as Big Bird and I would get lots of candy and so my mom got madder and madder and so my grandfather asked my mom if she would go and live with him and she said Yes and so she went to live with him and he’s taking care of her but I still went with my dad..

but I was just a little boy back than and I still went to church but all I did was play but my mom still went to the church and all my grandpa can talk about us and he still does and my grandma still teaches the children about god and my mom would clean the church for $19.00 dollars a month because they needed the money and didn’t have that much money and so the church for more and so as I got older and older I had to start helping a little for a dollar a week but my mom kept it for but than I got more money 3 dollars for 2 weeks  and more choirs around the house they first house I lived in I was in Bell, Thank my second house was in Bell Gardens on Muller street than Lubec street in a big house but now that I’m older I got more choirs to do for 10 dollars for 2 weeks and  so that my story.


This story is basically my biography growing up as a child from my perspective written by my child mind. As a child I had a hard childhood because we didn’t exactly live in the lap of luxury nor did we live in a good towns. I was born and raised in California, Los Angeles county to be exact. I grow up in cities such as Huntington Park, Bell, Bell Gardens, Downey, Los Angeles. For those who have been following my blogs, you have some idea.

It’s unfortunate even as a child I thought of my life as hard and poor. I didn’t have the best role models to follow. My mom was my constant presence until the day she died.

It was true my father did not believe my mother when she said she was going to have me and even my grandparents didn’t believe that I was a Gutierrez until they saw me in the flesh and then they believe because of the Gutierrez genes, from there they loved me unconditionally. It’s still sad when paternity is questioned, especially since my mother was not that type of person to go with different men and my father was not one who should have questioned it as he was not a lady killer just him and my mom.

I was a kind of wild child growing up, having my father work all the time and when he was home he slept, leaving me to my own devices, which is why I constantly drew on the walls. For the most part my mom was a stay at home home although she was working as a nurses assistant at one point.

Growing up at young age, my grandfather, who I consider the real devil took us in and years of his mental torture took over from his verbal assaults on me. My mother, Sister and I were at his mercy as my mother depended on him until she passed away in 2015.

It’s not unusual that kids have poor childhoods, I get many kids have it much worse, some are starved, beaten and sexually abused, nothing like that for me, but as a young boy I grew up with his verbal put downs constantly and his discipline.

We moved around regularly as I got older, living like a somewhat normal family at times, but it wasn’t. That is probably why I wrote so many stories about running away.

Getting to know Me!

For the course of what I have written I hope you are getting a bigger picture to who I was as a child writer and as a child. I try to be transparent with you to see the true me. We all have our stories and I encourage each of my readers and as writers to express those stories, they made you who you are. I hope you enjoyed this week. Thank you for joining me. Until next time!

Many who read my works get to get a glimpse into who I am as a writer, my thoughts , my struggles and what is important in my life. I appreciate all of those who read and get to know me.

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